Sad Shayri - What is Emotional Poetry?

Poems are written for many reasons, to express thoughts and feelings, to educate, to give advice, etc. But the most common reason is to express feelings and emotions. Many poets take advantage of this fact and use their writing to express their emotions. Emotional poetry is a type of poetry that expresses emotions or feelings in words.

What is Emotional Poetry?

What is emotional poetry and how and why should it be used as a means to evoke and evoke emotions? This paper will explore the concept of emotional poetry and other related concepts such as that of emotional intelligence and how it has been used as a tool to influence emotions and decision making. Further, it will also examine the usefulness of emotional poetry as a means to evoke emotions as well as provide an understanding of the concept of emotions and how they affect decision making process. Emotional poetry is a new term that I have coined to describe my own poetry. This type of work is an attempt to capture the writer’s innermost emotions on paper. It is not easy to do though. The writing process, which begins with an image on the writer’s mind, is an emotionally draining one.

Emotional poetry is a poetry that has an emotional effect on the reader. It is not just an expression of emotions, but it aims to evoke an emotion in the reader and make him/her feel it. It can be sad, happy, exciting and so on.

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