List of Sci Fi Movies 2021

What is Sci Fi Movie?

I've always been a fan of sci fi movies. My dad used to be a huge fan too and we used to watch a lot of these movies together when I was a kid. I remember watching "The Matrix", "The Terminator", "Alien" and many others. I was about 10 years old when I first watched "Blade Runner" and I remember being completely glued to my seat as the movie started.

Science fiction movies as a genre have been around as long as film itself. In the 1950s, George Orwell’s 1984 provided a chilling vision of a future world where people are under constant surveillance and where history is continually rewritten. In the 1960s, the first Star Trek series presented a vision of a peaceful future where humanity had overcome all prejudices and where people were travelling through space in search of new civilizations. In the 1970s, the first Alien movie immediately established itself as a cult movie.

These movies have a lot of interesting information about the future, for example if we do not control the climate on earth, what will happen? According to the film Interstellar, people will have to leave Earth to survive. This film is about a group of scientists who travel through a wormhole in space to find a new habitable planet. Not all of the information in this movie is correct though, for example the idea that astronauts would send their children to schools on board ships is not realistic because children need stability and routine to make good progress at school.

Hello, we are here with a list of most awaiting upcoming movies of 2021.

Avatar 2 (17-Dec-21)

The concept of avatar is amazing and here we are going to get one more goosebumps with Avatar 2.
If you have already seen the Avatar 1 then Avatar 2 is definitely must watch movie and if not you must see Avatar 1 and then you automatically going to see the part 2. 

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Bios (16-Apr-21)

Last surviving man on earth, build an android to accompany his dog and him and wandering here and there across the country. Bios film starring Tom Hanks.

Bios' Featuring Tom Hanks Will Be On Screens In 2021 - Greek City Times

Godzilla vs. Kong (21-May-21)

Godzilla vs Kong are going to be most adventures and amazing movie when we are going to see both on a single screen.

Godzilla vs. Kong Looks Set To Be The Dumbest, Wildest Movie Mash-Up Of The  Year - GQ

Jurassic World: Dominion (11-Jun-21)

One of the best Sci Fi movie series is coming with one more part. If you are really exited to see dinosaurs than Jurassic world is for you.

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Reminiscence (16-Apr-21)

Nicolas Banister, a singular veteran living in a not so distant future Miami overwhelmed by rising oceans, is a specialist in a risky occupation: he offers customers the opportunity to remember any memory they want. His life changes when he meets Mae. What starts as a basic matter of lost and discovered turns into an energetic relationship. In any case, when an alternate customer's recollections involve Mae in a progression of rough violations, Banister must dive through the dim universe of the past to reveal reality with regards to the lady he succumbed to.

Reminiscence: The Beginning (2014) - IMDb

The Tomorrow War (23-Jul-21)

The destiny of a modern war settles upon small time's capacities to go up against the phantoms of his past. Mankind is losing to an outsider attack, so to retaliate, researchers build up an approach to draft warriors from the past to battle the war.

The Tomorrow War First Look: Meet the Soldiers of the Future (and Past) / Film

Morbius (19-Mar-21)

Suffering from a rare blood disease result in vampire-ism. 

Sony's Morbius Marvel Movie Delayed 7 Months To Spring 2021

Infinite - 28-May-21

Infinite (2021) - IMDb

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