How to Add Outlook Email to Office 365 Manually

 Read this blog to solve how to upload PST to Office 365 or how to add Outlook Email to Office 365 query with manual & alternative solution. Frequently it is seen that Outlook users face difficulties in moving Outlook PST file to Office 365 manually because the manual method is technical & confusing so in this blog, we will describe both manual and alternative solution to get Outlook data into Office 365 properly.

Moving Outlook PST File to Office 365 Manually

 Office 365 doesn’t have direct import function to upload PST to Office 365 without Outlook but a drive shipping trick can do this task. So if you want to know about how to add Outlook Email to Office 365 then firstly, you must follow the given requirements for this process –

·        Users should be given created folder for import export role to add PST file in Office 365.

·        Organization must have FedEx and DHL account.

·        Protection timing must be set for unlimited time frame.

·        Hard disk in which PST file is moved must be BitLocker encrypted & less in size or 6TB.

Now follow the provided steps –

Step a. Download Import Tool

Follow the given steps to download Import tool and safe key

·        Go with web-page and login with Office 365 account then click on Permissions >> Management >> Import

·        After that go with left side and Users >> Import >> choose Ship data on physical hard drives showing function under the +icon.

·        Click on Download tool function to install WAI Import tool

·        Get the displayed key & store it in a file.

·        Now go to Cancel to close the page.

Step b. Save PST File in Hard Drive

·        Go with WAI Import Export Tool stored location under the CMD on your system.

·        After that follow the provided command to save PST file in Hard Disk.

 /j: –Journal File Name that has the information about the drive.

* /t: – Hard Disk’ drive letter and it is connected to the local system.

* /id: –the copy session name for getting PST file to Exchange Online.

* /srcdir: save path of stored .pst files.

* /dstdir: save location route of Microsoft cloud where PST will be added.

* /sk: secure key.

* /logdir: log file storage location.

* /encrypt: BitLocker encryption key.

After that run the provided command to add PST file in Office 365 by ImportExportTool of WAI.

Step c. Generate PST CSV File or Import Mapping

Microsoft Data Center adds the PST file to its azure data storage from Hard Disk. The import facility accepts data existing in Mapping or CSV file for checking the user mailbox PST which needed to be added. So download CSV file and open it on your computer.

Step d. Create PST Import Job

·        After that go to O365 Admin Center Import Page & choose Import Services >> New Job + >> Ship Data on Hard Drive.

·        Check the options “hard drives are ready” & “I have access to mapping file” from ‘New Job’ page Then go with Next button.

·        Provide the name to Import PST process.

·        Go with ‘+’ icon & go to the location of stored WAI ImportExport.exe tool.

·        Add journal file >> then next to import PST for Exchange Online storage.

·        Click ‘+’ function & select CSV file which created in previous step. Click on Next button.

·        Provide the contacts information and hit on finish function.

Step e . Ship Hard Drive

At last, users have to send the hard drive disk to MS head quarters. You must save the tracking number shipping label to track your shipment.

How to Add Outlook Email to Office 365 Alternatively

The above-mentioned manual ship method of moving Outlook PST file to Office 365 is not simple for non-technical user and if any step is missed by mistake then your data may lose. So if you don’t want to go with the manual trick and want an urgent solution then go with Outlook to Office 365 Converter that is capable to directly upload PST to Office 365 without Outlook and also supports function to directly add Outlook data file to Office 365 without any data loss. It supports ‘load Outlook profile’ function that helps to add configured Outlook data for migration. So you don’t need to search Outlook (configured) data individually. It also supports Add Files/Folder option to upload PST to Office 365 without Outlook. If you have confusion then you can also download it freely and add 25 Outlook data files emails to Office 365 free of cost. Therefore, you can simply also checkout both processes before going with any decision to solve how to add Outlook Email to Office 365 perfectly.

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