How to Add MBOX File to Office 365 Manually

Read this article, if you need to know about how to add an MBOX file to Office 365 manually & alternatively. This MBOX to Office 365 migration article is created for such persons who would have a requirement to transfer MBOX file data to Office 365 and are facing trouble finding out the exact solution. In this article, we will explain the manual process but it is lengthy so users who have an urgent requirement and want to directly add MBOX files in Office 365 then they can also go with its alternative solution.

Why Users go with Office 365 from MBOX

 MBOX file format is supported by 25+ mail clients & webmail clients (Thunderbird, Mac Mail, The Bat!, Gmail, Mulberry, Postbox, PocoMail, SeaMonkey, Spicebird, Entourage, etc.) and Office 365 is more in demand than other mail clients because it is cloud-based and supports multiple programs. O365 is simply accessible at any location on any system by only internet connectivity. It is a business purpose cloud-based web app and provides advanced & developed functionalities which are required for every business user. Some advanced functions are provided below which make it more attractive and useful than MBOX file format supported mail clients –

·        O365 enables you to collaborate online & get changes your team creates to share documents in real-time.

·        Easily communicate with your co-workers.

·        O365’s power map, part is its smart & interactive data visualization function in Excel.

·        Its planer function offers an easy way of making workflows for projects & providing individual tasks in the flow over to persons.

·        It automatically creates a list of high-priority emails before low-priority mails.

There are lots of advanced functions which make Office 365 strong. Some other reasons to add an MBOX file in Office 365, maybe others such as – business requirements, workplace needs, interest in changing mail clients, etc. Reasons may be any to get MBOX files data into Office 365 but the main concern is how can users do this task? Let’s, follow the given manual and alternative solutions to do this task –

How to Add MBOX File to Office 365 Manually

MBOX and Office 365 are absolutely different from each other, and Office 365 has no direct export or import function to move MBOX data in Office 365 but a manual trick can do this task and fulfill your requirement to add an MBOX file to Office 365. It has multiple stages, if you want to know the manual trick then follow the provided stages –

 Stage 1 – Save MBOX files in Thunderbird

·        Collect all MBOX files and install Thunderbird on your computer.

·        Open Thunderbird and add ImportExportTools Add-ons in it.

·        Then go to Tools Menu >> ImportExportTools >> Import MBOX Files

·        Browse & select MBOX files from the source location.

Stage 2 – Export Saved Emails in EML from Thunderbird

·        Re-open Thunderbird on your desktop screen.

·        Select Emails data that you need to transfer.

·        Drag them & Drop them t any location.

·        It will be saved in EML file format.

Stage 3 – Import EML Files in Windows Live Mail

·        Install Windows Live Mail in your system.

·        Create a new folder with any name by right click on the mailbox and going to create a new folder option.

·        Select all EML files further in om saved location.

·        Drag them & drop them in the newly created folder of Windows Live Mail

Stage 4. Export Data from Windows Live Mail to Outlook

·        Now install Outlook but make sure that Windows Live Mail & Outlook both should be installed on the same machine.

·        Re-open Windows Live Mail on your desktop screen.

·        Go to File menu >> Export >> Export Messages >> MS Exchange.

·        Choose the folder which needs to export in Outlook for migration.

·        Click on the OK button and the process will start and complete with a confirmation message.

Stage 5. Export PST from Outlook & Import into Office 365

·        Open Outlook and check the imported data.

·        Go to File menu then go with Open & Export function >> ImportExport option.

·        Choose Export to a file option.

·        Then select Outlook data file and mailbox which need to import into Office 365.

·        Choose the location & name of the PST file. Click on the finish button.

·        After that follow the webpage ( – which help to assist in importing PST file into Office 365.

Limitations of Manual Method

·        Windows Live Mail & Outlook both mail clients must available on the same machine. Otherwise, it will not work.

·        Any missed step can lose your data therefore follow it carefully.

·        It will not suitable for non-technical users.

·        It may waste your time to follow the provided multiple stages.

·        If any technical issue occurs then your data may be lost.

How to Add MBOX Files to Office 365 Alternatively

 If you don’t want to get any risk and need to directly import MBOX files to Office 365. Then at this time the MBOX Converter can help you and simply overcome all migration issues of MBOX to Office 365. It is a capable MBOX to Office 365 migration solution to directly import MBOX files of any supported mail clients – Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Entourage, Eudora, PocoMail, Postbox, etc. to Office 365. It not only imports all MBOX files to Office 365 even also supports transferring multiple MBOX files into other user profiles of Office 365 admin accounts using its “I am admin” option. It supports the batch data migration function to import all MBOX files to Office 365 at once and save your time from single processing. It works with a very simple user interface so anyone can simply handle it without any issue.

Still, have confused about which solution is the best to perform the migration from MBOX data files into Microsoft Office 365, then you can try the above-mentioned processes. To know about how to import MBOX Files into Office 365 you can download & export 25 emails from each selected MBOX file to Office 365 without any cost (absolutely free). Therefore, you can solve the entire issue yourself without any confusion.

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