Kerio Connect Migration to Office 365 Solution to Migrate from Kerio to Office 365

How to migrate Kerio connect mail to office 365?

Are you a Kerio Connect user and want to migrate Kerio Connect mail to Office 365 directly? Then you are on an exact platform. This article is created for describing the precise migration of Kerio Connect Mail to Office 365 with no data loss. Kerio is a good mail server and feature-rich solution for mailing, messaging & collaboration but it is not perfect for all types of organizations that would need for large, medium, or small level business & maintain data. Therefore, several organizations or users are searching for the perfect Kerio to Office 365 migration solution. Before describing the exact solution for that, let’s get some information about Kerio, Office 365, and why users go with Kerio from O365.

Kerio Connect Migration to Office 365 Solution to Migrate from Kerio to Office 365
When Kerio Connect was introduced in 2011, it became a precise groupware solution offering a well-tested & complete email solution. Even though it has been well-built significantly since then, still it supports some drawbacks which may directly affect large business organizations therefore many organizations go for conversion to MS Office 365 or Exchange Server because these two programs are the perfect software for Microsoft to handle data for large, small & medium organizations.

Why Users go for Migration Kerio Connect Mail to Office 365

For the un-professionals, Kerio Mail Connect is mostly offered for medium & small business purposes, but when the companies grow up in size then automatically their requirements also grow. The email solutions that were suitable to work in the past could not be helpful in the present. A large business organization required well-developed functions with good security & complete control.
If you are using MS Outlook with Kerio & you may have slow skills, convincingly, Kerio does not put together well with Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is precise experience with Microsoft Exchange Server because we know both are the Microsoft team program and simply merge together prolifically. Multiple phases make Office 365 more suitable than Kerio Connect.
Why is Office 365 better than Kerio?
As we well know that MS Office 365 is offered by Microsoft Team for business purposes and it is simply connected to MS Outlook for database Importing processing. Through large users- support & having its considerable personnel, Microsoft Team doesn’t only manage to verify its products with O365 better than its competitors but also offers new versions usually with exclusive functions & latest technologies at common periods.
There are also components of expertise and legacy. The reputation of systems about the global use of Microsoft Tools as a business suite by Office 365 offers additional benefits of integrating popular Office programs smoothly. Microsoft Office 365 offers One-Drive, Power BI, SharePoint, Teams, and Yammer that are in the Office 365 subscription package.
No doubt that no one can hit Microsoft Team attempts to data safely. Microsoft is well-known for data safety, and the primary needs of users and it acquires almost conformity needs of the business. Office 365 supports advanced functions – Virus protection, and O365 web app safety which is probably the largest wide-ranging protection package for large enterprises. It is shared with an Exchange management shell which allows the admin to generate low-level arrangements changes & script bulk changes which are the precise solution for all kinds of organizations.

Kerio Connect Migration to Office 365 – Precise Solution 

For getting complete & effective Kerio to Office 365 migration, there is no direct & manual migration solution available and at this time the Kerio Converter helps them to perfectly migrate from Kerio to Office 365. It is created for users’ assistance after observing the complete requirements of Kerio migration to O365. It supports multiple well-developed functions which provide exact & safe migration from Kerio Connect Mail to Office 365. To know its complete working, follow the given simple steps –

How to migrate from Kerio to Office 365 in simple steps 

·        Download the Kerio Converter and launch it on your computer screen.
·        Select Kerio Files using provided options (Select Files…. & Select Folders…). If you want to export multiple Kerio user's accounts data at once then tick on the “I am converting multiple users” option and then select files using two options. Click on the Next button.
·        After that, a selected files list will be displayed there with a check-box, choose files by clicking on the check-box of the file which wants to migrate in O365. Click on the Next button.
·        Choose the Office 365 option and provide login details of the O365 account. Choose other desired options – item filters, advance filters, etc. Click on the Connect button to start the migration process.
·        After that migration will start and complete with a confirmation message.


 Now you can also resolve how to migrate Kerio connect to Office 365 by simply query. Still have doubts or confusion then download it and check yourself free of cost 25 items (mails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, etc.) migration from Kerio to Office 365. Therefore, solve all issues regarding the Kerio to O365 migration. 

Kerio Connect Migration to Office 365 Solution to Migrate from Kerio to Office 365
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