How to Transfer SmarterMail to Outlook with SmarterMail Add to Outlook Solution

When SmarterMail users find exact solution for how to Transfer SmarterMail to Outlook in simple steps then most of the time they face difficulties. This article has been created for such users who are looking for complete SmarterMail to Outlook migration solution. Read this article till the end & get complete information about SmarterMail, Outlook, importance of Office 365 and the precise solution for SmarterMail add to Outlook.
How to Transfer SmarterMail to Outlook with SmarterMail Add to Outlook Solution

Some Facts of SmarterMail & Outlook

SmarterMail is advance hosted mail solution that provides functions which are comparable to Exchange. It offers functions video & audio chats and collaboration products with the part of subscription. A complete featured mail service and it offers commercial functions – notes, mails, contacts, calendar similar to MS Exchange including with protect products which are equivalent to Exchange. SmarterMail is web-mail app and also supports administration products for assistance to operate them smoothly. It is created for ISPs, Web Hosts, Enterprises & small business.
Outlook is desktop mail app and the part of Microsoft Office Package, provided by Microsoft Corporation. Outlook is used by almost all users in personal & professional field so its demand has increased. It supports multiple advanced functions – mails, contacts, calendar, tasks, journals, reminder, etc. Its GUI is very easy so anyone can simply use it to manage & share data all over the world. Organizations in a multiplicity of industries are going with Outlook as their mail client due to its functions & advanced capabilities. Attractive functions of the app also supply to employability & increase efficiency in the workplace.

Why Users Go with Outlook from SmarterMail?

·       Outlook supports all beneficial functions and can be used for personal & professional purpose on the level of large, small & medium business level.
·       Outlook is provided by Microsoft Corporation which is well-known brand for apps production so users can simply trust on it.
·       Outlook can be simply connected by Exchange Server for managing data and synchronized with Microsoft Office 365 for importing data.
·       Outlook is a default part of MS Office Package which is used by the almost users of computer/laptop/desktop so its uses demand become high.
·       Outlook also provides mail, contacts, calendar, notes, journals, reminder, and tasks services which are also available in SmarterMail paid plan so it is more useful than SmarterMail.

How to Add SmarterMail to Outlook in Simple Steps

Now the question arises that how to transfer SmarterMail to Outlook perfectly then the answer is SmarterMail Converter because no direct or manual solution is available to sort out this problem so the app is created and helps to completely add SmarterMail GRP files to Outlook at once. It has capability to add all data into Outlook in single time processing and users can also go with its “I am exporting multiple users” option that helps to transfer multiple SmarterMail users’ accounts data to Outlook PST at once and save your time from single processing. To know about its working process follow the given simple steps –
·       Download & launch the SmarterMail Converter on your desktop.
·       Select SmarterMail data from the source location by provided two options. You can also Tick on “I am exporting multiple user” option, If you need to convert multiple users profile data to PST from SmarterMail.
·       Then the select files will be shown in a list with check-box, select files by clicking on check-box on the file. Click on Next button.
·       Then choose PST option from provided saving options. After that choose destination path and advance filter if you need and click on Convert button.
·       Migration will start and complete with a successful message. Click on OK button then the resultant folder will be opened automatically.
·       Open your Outlook go to File Menu >> Open & Export >> Import/ Export >> Browse your resultant PST file and view in Outlook.

Over to You

Finally, you will get complete data migration from SmarterMail to Outlook. Still have confusion or doubt then download it and transfer 25 emails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, other files from selected each SmarterMail folder to PST for Outlook free of cost and solve your issue yourself with complete trust. Now try and resolve complete issue regarding SmarterMail add to Outlook without data loss process.

How to Transfer SmarterMail to Outlook with SmarterMail Add to Outlook Solution
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