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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Step on Lavishly in your Living Room with designer carpets

When trying to remodel your living room, bringing a beautiful carpet can be a good way to transform your interiors and give them a new look. Moreover, carpets are one of the most recommended living room decorations and as an essential accessory for the floors.
Step on Lavishly in your Living Room with designer carpetsAmidst the popularity, several merchants are now offering designer carpets in the market which opens the door for personalized choices of buyers. However, with so many varieties available in the market, it might be a bit difficult and confusing for you to pick the one that compliments your dwellings.

In this post, I would like to suggest a few useful tips for purchasing living room carpets based on style, design, material and size.

• First of all, ask yourself how big the carpet should be. The answer is simple. Measure the area where you want to cover with the carpet.

• The next consideration is the material. Generally, there are carpets with woolen and synthetic fiber. Before you buy one, make sure your skin is friendly with the material you choose.

• Pattern is another important thing to see as you need to keep in mind your existing décor and furnishings so as to buy a carpet that compliments them.

• When looking for the colour, do not go with the dull hues as they drab the atmosphere and also get dirty quite easily. Go for something which is bright, bold and rich in shade. Your floor will attain a distinctive definition with such hues.

Other carpet characteristics such as density, weight and twist should also be given thought as they determine its life. Search for the desired carpet on internet and choose from the vast variety available there. Though you would like buy the best thing for your home, but if you are on a budget then comparing different products can help you grab the most suitable one at reasonable rate. Check out the reviews of the product and company to ensure that you get genuine quality. Proper care and maintenance is also important to ensure long-lasting usage.

What are you waiting for? Get started with your search and add a beautiful element to your floors!
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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Internet Visibility and Its Importance

Internet and Business Online

Internet visibility

For any kind of online business internet visibility is very important. If your business is not available on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), it clearly means you are losing a huge range of internet users. Internet users mainly search business by some natural keywords (search phrases), and you have to visible on those keywords.
If you are looking for online clients then you must have a professional website describing your product.
You can get traffic to your website by two method first one is by natural search and second one is by paid methods.

For the first method your site must have a good rank on Google. If not then the main question is that how to get it? 
To understand this, first we have to understand what Google is? In simple term Google is a search engine which shows web results on basis of your search query. In technical term Google has various algorithms running on background to display the search results on basis of various parameters. The main parameter of any search engine is the content. Content means the quality and unique description of your products.
What is SEO?
Search engine optimization means to optimize your site according to search engine. If you have online business you have to do SEO for your website to get better ranking in search engines.
There are two types of SEO first on page and other one is off page.
On page refers to html content including textual content and images available of your website.  
In it the SEO expert make changes on your webpages according to your business and make your site search engine friendly.
Off page basically refers to the backlinks (the other related sites having pointing URL to your site).
This is basically related to the promotion you have to post your website link to the online directories and Classifieds site in order to get a quality backlink. Google improves ranking on the basis of backlinks.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

List of 100 Sci Fi Hollywood Movies

If you are looking for best Science Fiction movie then you are on right place here is the best Sci-Fi movies of all time. Here is the list of top 100 science fiction Hollywood movie list.

List of Top 100 Sci Fi Movies of All Time

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Converting EML Files to PDF, MBOX, PST, MBX, EMLX, HTML, RTF with EML file conversion Tool

File formats play a crucial role in every application. A file format has an exact structure of the data stored. The main function of the file format is that it tells the system the process, save data and print. File formats are compatible with all the operating system which consists of ASCII, Portable Document Format (PDF), Tagged Image file (TIF), Rich Text format (RTF), as well as the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Extensible Markup Language (XML).
The most popular file formats are such as:
·       HTML (Hypertext markup Language)
·       PNG(Portable Network Graphics)
·       JPG (JPEG Graphic)
·       PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
·       TXT (ASCII text)
·       DOC (Microsoft Word)
·       MBX (Eudora)
·       MBOX (Thunderbird)
·       EMLX (Apple Mail)
This article will focus for Converting EML files to other file format – PDF, MBOX, PST, EMLX, MSG, HTML, RTF, MBX, etc.
all file conversion Tool

EML is basically a file format for Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, etc. They can be also opened with the help of the text editor and notepad. EML files perfectly works with email which has suitable standard format.
What is urgency for EML file conversion?
The user nowadays works on plenty of formats and they have the privilege to use other formats too. The user can for example want to convert all his data into PDF and this format is popular worldwide. PDF is much more secure than EML, so it is the best option to convert EML data to PDF. Users can also import orphan EML files into other formats. User has the backup of all the EML files and is now looking to convert into other format. When the user is working in other environment and has switched to other organization which uses completely a different format.
The next step is to find the ways in which it might be possible to convert any EML files?
The conversion method might look a piece of cake but it isn’t.  There are various methods to use and follow; it is completely up to the user which methods to choose and which methods to leave. The methods are explained below:
1.    Manual way: A very time consuming method which offers a long, outdated process which makes it very complicated for certain users and they will feel the difficulty while using this process. It is possible to convert only a single file with this method. There is also a chance of losing the data or the file getting corrupted.
2.    Freeware: Then there are software’s which are marked “free” and have the quality to convert the files but the things which are free especially the software’s brings certain hidden costs with them. They do not get updated and might have bugs. They are given for trial period.
3.    Converter: The most safe and sound method for conversion. There are many advantage of using an elegant Emails Conversion Tool which is that the user will get amazing customer support, regular updates, full & 100% conversion rate. The converter is the better option than the above given methods. The converted data is also impeccable and the process is done quickly.
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The tool is the best possible way to go with the conversion method. EML file conversion tool which easily makes the job of conversion, easy to handle. This tool can convert to the following formats:
·       HTML
·       MBOX
·       RTF
·       MBX
·       PST
·       MSG
·       PDF
·       EMLX

The tool is also able to open EML/EMLX files, easily converts into the given formats. The files which are converted in the Outlook format works in 64 & 32-bit. It also works with all Windows Operating System. EMLX files of Mac Mail can also be converted but the user first has to export all EMLX files to the Windows system first.
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Sunday, 21 February 2016

BidVertiser Webpublisher Best Alternative of Google Adsense

BidVertiser Webpublisher-Make Money from your Website or Blog

If you are looking for Google adsense alternatives you are on right place. I am introducing the best alternative of google adsense. There are many market place available online but all have some drawbacks. Some have popups ads fro your blog/website which decrease your reputation in eye of your site/blog visitor so try to avoid use such marketplace. Bidvertiser is best google adsense alternative. It has minimum of $10 payout through paypal.

Display the BidVertiser ads on your website or blog, get paid for clicks and conversions and get paid by PayPal, check or wire.

Quality of Bidvertiser is as follows:

  • It support minimum $10 payout through paypal.
  • Custom ads template.
  • Easy setup.
  • Instant activation.

Make Money from your Website or Blog

Display the BidVertiser ads on your website or blog, get paid for clicks and conversions and get paid by PayPal, check or wire.

Learn how to make money from your website or blog

XML Feeds Embed the BidVertiser Ads across your web apps like Web Search, In-Text, Domain Parking, Toolbar Search Results or any other Contextual Content.

Affiliate program and make money online by directing users to signup with BidVertiser. If you are already a publisher you automatically become an affiliate, which means that you will also be paid for every user you refer.

Infolinks also a best google adsense alternative choose it now.

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Who is Toolwale, What they Do & Why they Do?

Who is Toolwale, What they Do & Why they Do?Toolwale is single seller single portal, which means there is only one seller exists on the Toolwale portal. Though there’s doubtless trend toward making everything compatible with Single seller because single seller has the advantage of the vendor solely offer best advantage regarding integration its own product at the side of your pre existing systems. It will be usually easier to place in single-seller solutions as a result of its only one set of programs or protocols to integrate into your existing systems.
Toolwale owns small scale business but making big efforts to provide maximum discount to its consumers. We provide various payment modes to our consumers and amazing deals with membership card in the market because we say ‘NEVER SAY MACHINE IS STOPPED DUE TO PAUCITY OF SPARES, TOOLWALE.COM IS THERE’ to deliver you the best and at best.

What Toolwale do?

The cost occurs according to seller’s benefits typically the single seller will be lower in product price. The single seller will be always having the better volume discounts for online shopping although freebies with products, offers and discounts keeps vary but we always try to offer best discounts.
Quality and product perfection is the our priority, we offer our customers 3 month replacement option in case any manufacture defect happen to products and with extra advantage of one year warranty of the brand.     
If the individual is not comfortable in making online payments on then they can go for Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method. With COD the consumer can pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of the product at your doorstep without requiring any advance payment online.

Why Toolwale do?

Trust word is that the absolute most key getting considers any deal/sale transaction. The trust is that an individual buyer confidence towards the merchant to do right best for them and the level of vulnerability gets to be essential in view of the danger, importance of the decision and reliance, for example, specialized, time rises and information how to operate.
We can see the estimation of the trust amid the most elevated time of the vital deal. Customers won't run with that vender that they don't trust and can like better to work with the supplier that they believe the premier. The incongruity with trust is that the large share customers don't trust sellers because of fake product, price/add on services tax after going on Buy Now page and many more reasons.  Toolwale portal is that website who always desire and keeps in mind its consumer expectation and fulfilling their expectation after the product sale for assistance and query 24x7.    

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

How can I Get Emails Backup of eM Client to Outlook? Where eM Client store its emails backup?

eM Client used very simple and easy user interface, even non-technical users can also use it very easily. eM Client has two download versions, first is Trial version which is for only one month and allows to add only 2 email accounts and second is Pro version after using Free eM Client version users have to pay some amount to use eM Client continuously, it allows to add unlimited accounts.
eM Client has option for instant messaging, Managing of Agenda, Managing of contact details, Calendar, Tasks, Multiple Profiles, Sending and Receiving Mails. eM Client provides “Import” option which allows users to import data from multiple emails clients like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and also provide option to import .eml files. But what if you want to know the store location of eM Client?

Know the store Location of eM Client:

·         Open your eM Client application into your machine and click to “Tools” option and then “Settings” option
·         Now you can see multiple options into the opened dialog box, Click on “Storage” option and you see the “Database Directory” copy and open the location..
In eM Client “Database Directory” location you can see the lot of .dat files and other files which are backup and data maintaining files of eM Client. But I would like to inform that there is no mailbox and any other file which contains all the eM Client mails backup. So conclusion is that eM Client has no backup mailbox file format available in its store location.
Now question is How can I get my eM Client emails backup to Outlook?
·         Open eM Client desktop >> Click on “File” Option then simply click on option of “Export”
·         Now you can see the multiple option to export data, if you want to export data in the format of .eml then click on “Export to .eml files”.
·         Now choose profile from which you want to export data, we recommend to click on “Check all” option so that you can export all eM Client data.
·         By click on Browse option you can select the location where you want to export data and Finish!
Note: to know how to export emails from eM Client in details Click and Read.
 After few seconds you can get the exported data of eM Client. Now you have the eM Client emails backup which can easily imported by different emails applications which supports .eml format. But still you can’t open exported eM Client data into Outlook, because Outlook supports PST format and we have data in EML format, here you can use any software like eM Client Converter and migrate all the exported data of eM Client to Outlook PST format and further import to any MS Outlook version including Outlook 2016.
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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Make Birth and Death Certificate Online

Everyone knows the importance of birth certificate but making it is no more difficult as earlier. Because there is portal available online to apply for birth certificate and you will get your certificate without going to anywhere.
Make Birth and death certificates online without going municipal office. Office of the Registrar General of India has created a web portal through which any person may apply within 21 days of birth or death certificate can be obtained. Released online certificate will be valid in all government offices. 

How to Link Voter ID Card to Aadhaar Card Online in India

Union Home Ministry directive of any governmental and non-governmental institutions, it can not reject. CBSE is the website that is being promoted more and more people can take advantage of this feature.

How to Get Birth Certificate Online

  1. Goto
  2. Fill the required details in login box
  3. Use username and password  which is received on your email id.
  4. Fill the correct information.
  5. You will get birth certificate within 21 days after verification.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Maggi Vs Patanzali Atta noodles

Maggi Vs Patanzali Atta noodles

Patanjali Atta Noodles

Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurveda is a world famous brand. Now Patanjali launched its atta noodles at a price of 15 Rs for 70gm pack, as an attempt to capture the market lost by Maggi.
According to Yog Guru Ramdev,"There would be no more maida. I will provide a healthy alternative Maggi soon for children. There won't be any harmful stuff for the body or anything that creates addiction".  "Jhat pat pakao, aur befikr khao" is the slogan of Patanjali Atta Noodles. 

Features of Patanjali Atta Noodles

  •  The yoga guru claimed it will have 'no added MSG and lead'. 
  • Patanjali noodles will use rice-bran oil and not cheap and inferior palm oil as used by others.
  • Ramdev is working on the principles of "swadesshi" which is great initiative for health of India. 
  • There would be no more maida in noodles.


If someone does not know how to cook food then that's not a big deal one can make maggi easily, it is the biggest quality of Maggi. Maggi a nestle product has been re-launched on snapdeal. Maggi has been out of  stock on snapdeal after its relaunch,  its a great come back but now it's available on snapdeal.
After being off the shelves for more than 6 months, India’s popular instant-noodles Maggi is back in retail outlets with Nestle resuming sales in about 100 cities.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

How To Stop Autoplay Videos On Facebook

Stop Facebook Video Autoplay

Facebook is huge social network with 151.8 million users in United State and 108.9 million users in India. Most of the facebook users use facebook for fun and entertainment.
Internet Marketing ads is always creates a barrier in the enjoyment, however it is important sometime but not always. If you are irritated with facebook autoplay video ads it means you are on correct place how to stop autoplay videos on facebook. 

video ads on facebook

How to Stop Video Ads:

Follow the steps to turn off automatic video play on facebook

Step 1: Goto
Step 2: Click on Videos it will open your facebook video setting.
Step 3: Turn off Autoplay video option.
Note: If you still want ads in low quality by this you can change the quality of a video you are watching by clicking the HD icon in the video player.
  • SD Video Ads
  • HD Video Ads
stop auto play video ads in facebook
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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Best Saree Combo Gift for Your Relative

Aai Shree Khodiyar Art Multi Colour Chiffon Pack Of 2 Rs 889value pack of sarees

This festive season gift to your relatives with combo of sarees. Snapdeal offers best combo pack of sarees with free delivery. Blouse pieces are included with this pack.This is the perfect value pack.

Take a look on User's Reviews:

  1. This product is good and snapdeal service is v. good.this product is good and snapdeal service is v. good.
  2. Its awesome Piece for low budget Thanks for Snapdeal To provide me
  3. Aai shree khodiyar art multi color chiffon pack of 2 is the excellent saree. clothes quality is very good.
  4. Superb product my sis mom likes it very much nice 1.
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Saturday, 17 October 2015

How to Charge Smartphone Faster

Smartphone Charging Tips 

  • Always use the cable which comes with the Smartphone. Never use the external cheap cable to charge your smartphone.
  • Choose a better charger having 10-12 Watt rating, instead of 5 Watt. It reduce to half of your charging time.
  • If you charge your phone with laptop it means you charge your smartphone with 2.5 watt charger.
  • If you have USB 3 Charger it acts like 4.5 watt charger.
  • Use Power Bank with higher rating to charge your phone. Power bank is also used as emergency backup.
  • Smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor has a better charger than others. Such charger charges battery of smartphones with an 80% faster than normal charger.
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Top 10 Upcoming hollywood movies of 2016

The Jungle Book

An orphan boy is raised in the jungle with the help of a pack of wolves, a bear, and a black panther. Read more about Jungle Book.
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | 15 April 2016 (USA) |
Image Source

Captain America: Civil War

An incident leads to the Avengers developing a schism over how to deal with situations, which escalates into an open fight between allies Iron Man and Captain America.
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 6 May 2016 (USA)|
Image Source

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman and Superman at war with one another, putting mankind in greater danger than it's ever known before. Be superman with cool T shirts.
Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 25 March 2016 (USA)|Image source

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda again coming with their Kung Fu, and Comedy plus Action.
If you are fan of Assassin's Creed Game then you must like this.
Action, Adventure, History | 21 December 2016 (USA)|


Is Popeye The Sailor Coming Soon to the Big Screens for Real?
Animation|Image Source


Tarzan, having acclimated to life in London, is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment.
Action, Adventure | 1 July 2016 (USA)|

The Incredibles 2

Animation, Action, Adventure | 16 November 2016 (USA)|Image:Youtube

Underworld: Next Generation

The story of vampire and wolves begins again in 2016.
Action, Horror | 21 October 2016 (USA)|Image:c-magz

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

Horror never ends.
Horror | 10 June 2016 (USA)|Image source
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Monday, 28 September 2015


XBOX ONE celebrating one year in India and comes up with great offers. Offers valid till 30th september. Grab the offer and enjoy the reality of Games through XBOX ONE.
Xbox One is designed by the gamers for gamers. Enjoy the gaming experience with the Xbox One. You may enjoy the leading edge of technology that brings an entire new paradigm to sense and Entertainment.
You can enjoy your favorite TV program without missing Gaming or taking a Skype decision while not missing out on what you were doing on the Xbox One. Sounds cool right? we have a tendency to knew it.
With the Xbox One, you may be able to do all this and addition with Bing search you may be able to notice precisely what you're searching for, either on the web or within the applications, while not enjoying your console. You're at this terribly exciting juncture, and your controller trembles in your hands because of Impulse Triggers, the Xbox One controller will do things like this; you've got to expertise it to believe it. The Xbox One console is solely on the market at Amazon Republic of India, thus don't waste any time and look on-line for Xbox One console, games and accessories and take your gambling expertise to a replacement level.
Xbox One Console (Free Game: FIFA 15 DLC).

Xbox One Accessories:

  • Xbox One Wireless Controller
  • Xbox One Kinect Sensor (Free game: Dance Central Spotlight DLC)
  • Xbox One Play And Charge Kit
Cards With Xbox One And Xbox 360 Digital Download Codes To Be Sold Across The US
Snapdeal also providing XBOX ONE Games directly to your door step.
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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dengue Fever-> Home Remedies, Treatment, Precautions

 Dengue Fever: Home Remedies, Treatment, Precautions

What is Dengue?

The dengue is a virus transmitted by a bite from the "Aedes aegypti" mosquito. Only the female mosquito transmits the dengue virus. This mosquito bites only in daytime. This mosquito is most active in the hours after sunrise and before sunset.

Incubation period: 

3 to 14 days, commonly 4 to 7 days.(time between becoming infected and developing symptoms)
Infectious period:
A mosquito becomes infected if it bites an infected person while the fever is present (an average period of about 3 to 5 days).
After biting an infected person it takes 8 to 12 days before the mosquito can infect other people.
The mosquito remains infectious for life.
Dengue fever is not directly spread from person-to-person.

Symptoms of Dengue

  • Fever for 3 to 7 days is the main symptoms. 
  • Intense headache and pain behind the eyes. 
  • Muscle and joint pain. 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Vomiting and diarrhea 
  • Skin rashes 
  • Bleeding, usually from the nose or gums. 

Treatment of Dengue

There is no specific antiviral treatment available but don't worry it can be cured by Ayurvedic treatment.
Diagnosis of dengue fever is made by clinical presentation and a blood test.

Antigen Blood Test(NS1) and Dengue Antibody and Platelets (Platelet is a component of blood which prevents bleeding and helps in formation of clot. Normal platelets count in human body is between 1.5 lakh and 4 lakh. In patients with Dengue, it drops to/ between 50,000 to one lakh.) count.

Home Remedies for dengue fever

Usually adequate hydration and pain control will help the person through the infection.

1. Geloy

This herb, which has been used in Ayurvedic Rasayanas since centuries, is very helpful in building up the immune system and the body's defense against infecting organisms.

2. Papaya Leaves:

Although the exact pathway is unclear, papaya leaves are widely known as being a natural cure for dengue fever. The complex mix of nutrients and organic compounds in papayas can cause a rise in your platelet count, the high levels of vitamin C help stimulate the immune system.The leaves can be crushed and then strained with a cloth to drink the pure juice.

3. Orange Juice:

The rich mixture of antioxidants and vitamins found in orange juice.

4. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves is very helpful in dengue. May be used with warn water like tea.

Precautions from dengue

The only way to protect yourself and your family is to avoid being bitten. Remove all stagnant water and containers, avoid storage of water, Use mosquitoes net, Wear long sleeve or full sleeve clothes, regularly change flower vase water.

Reference:Click here

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Google Street View - Android Apps on Google Play

Google Street View:Google Street View APp

Now you can enjoy the street view on your smartphone. Simply download the Google street view app from Play Store and Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses with Google Street View.

You can add your own Street View experiences to Google street view. Start with your phone’s camera or add a one–shot spherical camera (like the Ricoh Theta S) for easy 360º photography. Then, you can publish to Google Maps to share your photo spheres with the world.

What's new in Google Street View:

• Its a Google Product available in Play store.
• It has 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 Installation.
• Explore all of Street View (including contributions from others)
• Review your public profile of published photo spheres
• Manage your private photo spheres
• Google street view is not limited to Computer.

• One of the best smartphone app from top 10 smartphone apps.

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Save a Webpage as PDF

How to Convert Webpage to PDF

Some time it is very important to keep the webpage to pdf document. There are various ways to save important webpage as PDF. Choose any of them according to your comfortable.
Save Webpage to PDF online

What is the need of webpage pdf?

If you don't have a printer , and want a internet page to print later. You have to preserve the webpage as pdf first. You may easily print this pdf later and also send as attachment in your mailbox.

There are various  offline method to get pdf from webpage here are we are describing some useful methods to save webpage as PDF.

Save Webpage Using BullZip PDF printer

It's very simple to use it please follow the steps.
  1. Start your web browser .
  2. Open a website or stay on a web page
  3. Select from main menu "File"->"Print" or  simple press "Ctrl+P"
  4. Select Bullzip Printer option.
  5. Congratulations! You have saved web page to PDF document now.
If you did not have Save as PDF option after Pressing Ctrl+P in your system, Download and install the free version of the BullZip PDF Printer.

bullzip pdf printer

Convert web page to PDF using extension 

  1. If you don't want to install bullzip no problem there is an alternate way to do this task very easily you have to download Google chrome extension named "Save as PDF".
  2. After complete installation restart your browser.
  3. Open any web page you want to convert.
  4. Click on extension icon it will automatically convert your webpage to PDF and save it. 
There is no limitation to convert web pages from this extension but it is slow because it works online. Download Now . It looks like as in screenshot.

Convert web page to PDF using extension

Hope it works for you 
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Google Changed Its LOGO

New Google logo:

Did you notice Google has changed its logo? This is the sixth time Google has changed its logo in the company's 17-year history. However google change its doodle time to time but this time Google changed its main logo. You can see the changes on Google home page.The company said that new design is directly focused with Google products across many different platforms, apps and devices so that people can directly interact with it. 
New google logo

The current Google logo was launched on September 1, 2015. Now Google Plus is converted to Capital "G+". Google (the search giant) changes its logo because Google  restructures under a new holding company called Alphabet.
Google changed its logo many time take a look on older logos of google:

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to Download Torrents to Your System

Introduction to Torrents:

There are many ways to downloads your favorite movies online but torrent is most popular way to download movies from internet. Basically torrent is a file containing the link of your file which is opened by a client software named UTorrent. 

Where to get Torrent file? is a search engine for torrents like Google. It will give you the torrents sites results for particular query search. This is very popular torrent search engine now a days. You may use it to search your file or movie.

How to Download Torrents?

It is very easy to download a torrent file you have to simple follow the steps.
Step 1: Every torrent file is downloaded by client software i.e U Torrent/Bit Torrent. First of all you have to download BitTorrent/UTorrent to your system.

Step 2: Install It.
Bit Torrent

Step 3: Goto, and  search for your torrent file.

torrent search results
Step 4: Click on any results links with good size and peers.

Step 5: Now you get a lists of torrents sites with time of upload a torrent file. Choose any.

sites of torrent

Step 6: Now you are on download page, find the magnet torrent link as shown in screenshot, click on that, and your torrent file directly launched by U Torrent Client software. Later on you can pause/resume your download according to your requirement.

What is the terms leecher,peer and Seeder?

In technically BitTorrent is a protocol for the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing that is used to distribute large amounts of data over the Internet.
Suppose you are downloading a file from torrent you are a leecher at this time because you are downloading a file. When you finished your download and you start seeding the file so that others can download it from your system now you become a seeder
Peer is someone who is involved in file sharing activity. It is a generic term.

Is leecher or seeded affect your downloading speed?

Yes number of seeder and leecher affect your downloading speed. If there are number of seeder for a particular file is high it means you get a great bandwidth for this file. 
If number of seeder is less and number of leechers is high you get less downloading speed.
Hope you understand how torrent works.
If you like this article please share it.

Hope you understand the working of torrents. If you like it please share......
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Sunday, 16 August 2015

8 World's Weirdest Jobs You've Never Heard of

If you think that you are the only person alive on earth who has a life sucking job, then this list is perfectly for you. There are so many jobs around the world which are the worst than yours. Some of these seem interesting but believe me you won't survive for a week, if you can't handle your current one.

1. Snake Milkers

These are the professionals who actually extract the venom from worlds deadliest snakes. Snake's venom is used to make anti-venom and also many other medicines.

Snake Milkers

2. Professional Apologizer

They’re hired by professional apology services to apologize on behalf of people. I'm not joking. This type of apology services are in Japan.

Professional Apologizer

3. Professional Hitchhikers

In Indonesia government has restricted some lanes of traffic to only cars with 3 or more people due to overcrowding. Poor people from the city outskirts take advantage of this by offering drivers to ride with them in the “fast lanes”.

Professional Hitchhikers

4. Oshiya: Professional Pushers

In Japan there are professional pushers called Oshiya who push the people in the trains during rush hours. Thank God Delhi is not in Japan, otherwise Delhi metro would be in need of hiring Great Khali to be Oshiya.


5. Professional Snugglers

Japan also has cuddle cafés, where, for around a dollar an hour, you can snuggle or sleep next to a real live woman, don't think naughty only sleep, nothing else. The trend has recently taken off in Rochester, NY, as well.

Professional Snugglers

 6. Professional Sleeper

A Finnish company made headlines not long ago when it advertised this position. Apparently they needed comfort levels to be checked.

Professional Sleeper

 7.Teddy Bear Repair Technician

 Kids get really emotional about their toys. Remember when your favorite toy lost an arm, or suffered a similar life-threatening injury? It was devastating. But now there's a special technician who can come to the rescue.

Teddy Bear Repair Technician

8. Toques

In Mexico, some men lug around caja toques -- battery operated boxes that dispense electrical charges -- and offer shocks of electricity for between $2 to $4 a pop. Popular around bars and clubs, some people believe it sobers them up while others feel it heightens their buzz.


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