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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

PDF Split and Merge – Combine & Break PDF Files to Manage

PDF Split & Merge is a two in one solution to merge, combine & join PDF documents into a single PDF document format and split large size PDF file into small size PDF files.

Sometimes, users wants to split/merge PDF files. Suppose a user has a large PDF file and he wants to share every page with different user. In this case, the user wants to split PDF file into parts to send the required page by the respective user.
Small PDF files cannot be managed easily so user finds a need to merge them into a single PDF file for easy handling and management of PDF files.
A user may have thousands of PDF files in his system. Some may be limited in size or some may be large. Both the PDFs are not easy to manage. Expansive files can be lost accidentally. So, in these cases, the user needs the best solution to manage PDF files and to save them from these threats.
Solutions to merge and split PDF documents
There are lots of solutions available that will combine PDF documents and break large PDF into smaller parts. Here, we are disclosing both the manual solutions and software solutions to manage PDF documents.
Manual method to split PDF file
  •  Open Adobe Acrobat program
  •  Click on File > Open and choose the required file
  •  Go to document and click on the split document
  •  Select the number of pages and file size
  •  Click ok and select the desired location
  •   Finally, click OK

Manual method to merge PDF file
·        Open Adobe Acrobat program
·        Click on Tools > choose combine files
·        Click Add files and select ‘Add files option’
·        Set the number of files and their arrangement
·        Finally, click combine files

Limitations of the manual method
·       Lengthy and complicated process
·        Duplicates files are merged
·        Adobe software full version needs to be installed properly
·        No surety of data safety  
·        Needs technical expertise to handle the steps

Automated Solution – PDF Split and Merge software
PDF Split and Merge is one of the fast and quick methods to merger/split PDF documents without having any damage to PDF documents. It is a multi-functional utility that not only split over-sized PDF files but also merger multiple PDF files into single PDF.
Key attributes of the software
·        Dual role application
·        Split large PDF files to smaller parts
·        Merge multiple PDF files
·        Makes easy handling and management of PDF files
·        Safe platform with no damage
·        Free demo of PDF Split and Merge Tool
·        No requirement of technical expertise
·        Available to run on all Windows operating systems
·        Independent application with no data loss
·        No limit set to join and break PDF documents
Full working of the software
The software works fairly for you only with 4 steps. After that, you will get proper results as per your choice.
Here are the steps discussed below for you -
Step 1. Quick adding of PDF files to the software screen
You can easily add PDF file (s) to the wizard by Browse option. You are free to select single or multiple PDF files. You can load a full folder containing various PDF files.
Split PDF - With split PDF option, you can split any number of pages per PDF. The user finds good control on management using Split PDF.

Merge PDF – you are free to select any number of PDF files

Step 2.  Easy checking of PDF files for merge/split
Once the files are safely loaded to the wizard, you can check the easy preview of the files which you have loaded to the software screen. You can uncheck unwanted PDF files if you want to wish.
Step 3. Easy way to define the location to save the output
You have the freedom to easily define a desirable location to save output results. You need not make more efforts for saving the resultant files. The whole path to save the resultant file is clearly shown here.
End Note
According to users’ choice, we have explained both manual and software techniques that will help you to manage your PDF documents. You can opt for any of the methods from them.
I would like to personally recommend software technique to all the users because it provides many innovative and advanced features which you will not find in manual approach. You can practically examine the application with a demo version where you can merge or split some limited PDF documents but the demo version is very helpful in judging the application prior to applying for the license version. To clarify doubts of the users, a customer executive team is there that will completely assist users.
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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Solution to Export Outlook Contacts to VCF & vCard Contacts to Outlook

VCard is a file format used for saving contacts in different email clients. VCard are attached to e-mail messages. If you are searching for export of contacts to Outlook and from another format to VCF. You can easily use this tool. It is very easy to use and helpful in complete import from vCard to Outlook.
Users can transfer PST contacts into VCF format. The wonderful tool converts unlimited contacts on a single click.
Using vCard contacts converter, you can export several selected contacts or selected folders containing unlimited number of contacts.

Outstanding features of the software
  •         Convert unlimited PST contacts with simple clicks
  •        Instant solution to vCard to Outlook
  •        Outlook export to vCard with the full contact list
  •        No trouble to handle the tool
  •        No expertise or technical knowledge is required
  •        Instant preview of Contacts before their saving
  •        Migration of Outlook contacts in mass
  •        Save multiple contacts in new file or existing PST file
  •        No data mismanagement and loss of information
  •        Easy installation and configuration of the software

Circumstances to use the software
Official needs –

The users might have to face many situations when transporting contacts stored in the vCard file into Outlook contacts list becomes an official need and has to fulfill the needs. It becomes a need to import vCard to Outlook contacts list especially if the contact list is huge.

Personal needs –

Sometimes user requires a program that can safely export vCard to Outlook without missing the contact list so in that case, a user can easily go for vCard Export Import tool.

of the software

Simple interface to import/export files

You can easily open the tool and select any of the option export/import as per your requirements.
While exporting vCard folders, you can easily choose files from the system and can set an option to import vCard folders to new Outlook PST files or to the existing Outlook PST file.
In case of import, you can easily browse a PST file from the system.
Solution to Export Outlook Contacts to VCF & vCard Contacts to Outlook

Solution to Export Outlook Contacts to VCF & vCard Contacts to Outlook

Full screening of selected files

After loading files to the wizard, you can see all these files or folders clearly in the preview pane of the software. There is no mismanagement of files. All your files are shown in the same sequence as they were in the original files.

Full access to Target Directory
You are free to choose any destination for saving output files. Even the wonderful software provides you the facility to create a new folder to save your data files. This will help you in easy access and viewing of these files.


This is the most popular tool which is easily accessed by both small and large organizations. With this facility, you feel very easy to access Outlook contacts in a safe manner. The software is highly designed to ensure successive results to the users. Accuracy is fully guaranteed to import vCard to Outlook.
For more information about the software and its related functions. You can visit on your page. The link is provided here for you -

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