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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dengue Fever-> Home Remedies, Treatment, Precautions

 Dengue Fever: Home Remedies, Treatment, Precautions

What is Dengue?

The dengue is a virus transmitted by a bite from the "Aedes aegypti" mosquito. Only the female mosquito transmits the dengue virus. This mosquito bites only in daytime. This mosquito is most active in the hours after sunrise and before sunset.

Incubation period: 

3 to 14 days, commonly 4 to 7 days.(time between becoming infected and developing symptoms)
Infectious period:
A mosquito becomes infected if it bites an infected person while the fever is present (an average period of about 3 to 5 days).
After biting an infected person it takes 8 to 12 days before the mosquito can infect other people.
The mosquito remains infectious for life.
Dengue fever is not directly spread from person-to-person.

Symptoms of Dengue

  • Fever for 3 to 7 days is the main symptoms. 
  • Intense headache and pain behind the eyes. 
  • Muscle and joint pain. 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Vomiting and diarrhea 
  • Skin rashes 
  • Bleeding, usually from the nose or gums. 

Treatment of Dengue

There is no specific antiviral treatment available but don't worry it can be cured by Ayurvedic treatment.
Diagnosis of dengue fever is made by clinical presentation and a blood test.

Antigen Blood Test(NS1) and Dengue Antibody and Platelets (Platelet is a component of blood which prevents bleeding and helps in formation of clot. Normal platelets count in human body is between 1.5 lakh and 4 lakh. In patients with Dengue, it drops to/ between 50,000 to one lakh.) count.

Home Remedies for dengue fever

Usually adequate hydration and pain control will help the person through the infection.

1. Geloy

This herb, which has been used in Ayurvedic Rasayanas since centuries, is very helpful in building up the immune system and the body's defense against infecting organisms.

2. Papaya Leaves:

Although the exact pathway is unclear, papaya leaves are widely known as being a natural cure for dengue fever. The complex mix of nutrients and organic compounds in papayas can cause a rise in your platelet count, the high levels of vitamin C help stimulate the immune system.The leaves can be crushed and then strained with a cloth to drink the pure juice.

3. Orange Juice:

The rich mixture of antioxidants and vitamins found in orange juice.

4. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves is very helpful in dengue. May be used with warn water like tea.

Precautions from dengue

The only way to protect yourself and your family is to avoid being bitten. Remove all stagnant water and containers, avoid storage of water, Use mosquitoes net, Wear long sleeve or full sleeve clothes, regularly change flower vase water.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Join the Beauty Course for Massage Beauty License Training

Massage Beauty School of California:
Beauty Course for Massage Beauty License Training in los angles

Massage beauty program is one of the top ten beauty courses which are well recognized and sought after in the beauty sector. A number of students from various cities and states enroll for this training program to get better learning opportunities and understand the minute technicalities of beauty massaging services. Certified schools and beauty institutes located in Los Angeles are offering cutting edge training to the students who are eligible for the program.

Palace Beauty College is an accredited beauty school that does offer the massage therapy program and also offers holistic learning facilities to the students. College has years of experience in providing massage therapy license training in Los Angeles for more than half a decade now. College maintains its official website to reach out to the distant students and provide them relevant information related to the beauty courses which are available. College takes pride in its impressive infrastructure and sought after facilities which are offered to the students. Under beauty massage training students are given basic as well as advanced level massaging training which helps students to hone their skills and learn the technical skills to become a professional beauty treatment provider.

College owns a beauty spa and salon which is run by the skilled students of the institute and in this way students get the opportunity to serve the actual beauty customers. The scholarship plan for the massaging course is a financial aid for the students provided by the college. It is also possible to apply for the federal financial assistance and get suitable education loan for the professional education course. To Become Massage Therapist in Los Angeles it is essential to know the sought after services which are in demand. The institute aims to create the world class beauty professionals of tomorrow who can serve the beauty sector and can have a growing career. 

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Health Benefits and Dangers of Eating Gum

Chewing Gum may be harmful or may be good for healthHealth Benefits and Dangers of Eating Gum

Chewing gum may be a habit which will cause a dialogue on whether or not it's helpful to health in many aspects. This habit has been around since the Greeks throughout the traditional times used mastic tree barks as their natural breath sweetener. However gum very unhealthy for your health or area unit there positive effects as well?

Advantage of Chewing Gum:
  • The study unconcealed that as several as eight brain area units are activated, due to change of state gum. 
  • The speculation behind  that change of state can increase arousal, inflicting temporary blood flow enhancements to the brain.
  • Aside from being a lot of alert, Gum will improve your memory, particularly throughout exams.
  •  Eating Gum can increase the activity within the hippocampus, that is a part within the brain that's crucial to memory.
  • Chewing gum conjointly offers oral health edges, significantly in reducing plaque.
Disadvantage of Chewing Gum:
  • Several specialists still consider this as a giant no-no. 
  • Chewing lots may cause you to own deranged jaw muscles, known as TMJ(temporomandibular-joint-disorder).
  •  Gum isn't a good weight loss strategy, gums will truly encourage you to eat – junk foods.
  • Chewing Gum ends with abdominal pain if you retain change of state gum.

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Monday, 4 August 2014

5 Best Foods for Stronger Bones

5 Best Foods for Stronger Bones:
 5 Best Foods for Stronger Bones

We are as strong as our bones. So its very good to make as food which make our bone more stronger.
Our diet plays very important role to make stronger from inside.
List of foods which make their bone stronger
  1. Vegetables (especially leafy greens, and also roots and stalks) 
  2. Protein ( beans, and soy foods) 
  3. Whole grains 
  4. Foods rich in trace minerals ( nuts, and seeds) 
  5. Healthy fats 

Vegetables are full of different types of vitamins.
  • The iron and calcium,magnesium, potassium, iron, and other minerals 
  • Vitamins K and C 
  • Full of protein 
  • Help deposit the collagen matrix 
  • Protein Foods 
  • Beans and Soya is best example of protein food. 
Whole Grains Whole grain is full of magnesium.
Excellent sources of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and B vitamins.
  • Brown rice 
  • Whole wheat 
  • Barley 
  • Oats 
  • Rye 
  • Millet 
  • Cornmeal 
  • Amaranth 
  • Quinoa 
  • Buckwheat 
Foods Rich in Trace MineralsNuts and seeds have the advantage of also being a great source of bone-healthy essential fatty acids, as well as plant protein. A handful of nuts or seeds a day is a good source of trace minerals, such as iron, boron, selenium, phosphorus, and magnesium.
  • Seaweeds 
  • Nuts 
  • Seeds 
Healthy Fats Good-quality fats are essential for bone health.
The fat-soluble vitamins needed for the bones vitamins K and D
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The Best Juice Drink

The Best  Healthy Juice Drink:

The Best juice drink

Every one knows that juice is very necessary for health and fitness. Fruits have all minerals needed by human body. Man needs necessary supplements except from their daily diet. Juice is not the diet of sick person a healthy man can consume it to maintain their health. Juice is easily consume by human body and vitamins are necessary components are easily dissolve with blood. Human gets instance energy. 
Here are the list of different types of juice which they can adopt with their daily diet.
1. Carrot Juice
2. Tomato Juice
3. Banana Juice
4. Mango Juice
5. Papaya Juice
6. Orange Juice
7. Apple Juice
8. Cucumber Juice

Benefits of Juice:

  • Good for the eyesight, eliminate red and tired eyes or dry eyes 
  • Helpful for glowing skins 
  • Good for liver, kidney, pancreas decease and it can cure ulcer as well. 
  • Prevent cancer cells to develop. It will restrain cancer cells to grow. 
  • Prevent heart attack and high blood pressure. 
  • Increase the immune system 
  • Help to eliminate pain from physical training, muscle ache 
  • Detoxify, assist bowel movement, eliminate constipation. Therefore it will make skin healthy & LOOK more 
  • Improve bad breath due to indigestion, throat infection 
  • Best for digestion System

There is absolutely no side effect of juice . Highly nutritious and easily absorbs! 
Very effective if you need to loose weight. 
You will notice your immune system will be improved after 2 week routine.
 Please make sure to drink immediately from the juicer for best effect.
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Home treatment for Mouth Blister

Home treatment for Mouth Blister:

Home treatment for Mouth Blister

Mouth blister is very common thing which happens due to heat of stomach.
Eating or drinking and swallowing becomes more difficult with it. The main cause of mouth blister is our eating habit and bad digestion system.Use of milk ,curd and cheese must prefer to avoid pain caused by it.


1. Use pure butter(possible home made) at your mouth before sleeping. It really helps to cure your mouth blister.
2. Drink water as you can because water treated  
3. Take honey and make a paste of it and use it on mouth blister. It reduce your pain.
4. Avoid heavy food take liquid food and fruit as much as you can.
5. Mix backing soda with water make a paste and use it on mouth ulcers.

Hope it will help you first two are applied by me...

If you have more cure paste it in comment section.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Benefits of Dates

Health advantages of feeding Dates :

Health advantages of feeding Dates

1) Dates area unit free from cholesterin and contain terribly low fat. Dates area unit made in vitamins and minerals.

2) they're made supply of supermolecule, dietary fiber and made in B, B2, B3 and B5 in conjunction with A and C.

3) It helps improve the digest-system  because it contains soluble and insoluble fibers and completely different forms of amino acids.

4) Dates area unit nice energy boosters as they contain natural sugars like aldohexose, saccharose and laevulose. to urge a lot of advantage add dates to exploit and create it a really nourishing snack.

5) Dates area unit terribly low in calories and area unit extraordinarily appropriate for health acutely aware folks.

6) Dates area unit made in K and reduced in Na. This helps regulate a healthy system. Researchers have discovered the actual fact that K intake up to a particular extent will cut back risk of stroke.

7) Dates conjointly facilitate in lowering of the cholesterin.

Dates have high iron content and area unit terribly helpful in treating anemia. The patients will eat several dates for higher benefits.

9) Dates even have element that slows down the method of cavity.

10) It helps folks plagued by constipation. Soak dates nightlong and take it in conjunction with water to own extra advantage.

11) Dates facilitate in weight gain and area unit useful for people who suffer from over slimming downside.

12) Dates area unit glorious for alcoholic intoxication. Cures abdominal cancer.

13) It conjointly helps in rising eye sight and helps in action vision defect in addition.

"The smartest thing is that it doesn't have any aspect result on the body and is totally natural in addition because it works higher than drugs."

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10 rules to stay young.

10 rules to stay young..!!!10 rules to stay young.

When I am reading this article I want to write it in my own words but after reading this article I found nothing to edit. Because it rules to follow to make us stress free.
The main point in this is that live free and enjoys every movement of life without tear.
1. Never think about nonessential numbers like age, weight and height.
2. Make only cheerful friends. Those whose makes you happy.
3. Keep learning. Learn more whatever. Never leave your brain free because
"An idle mind is the devil's workshop."
4. Enjoy the small things.
5. Laugh out loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
6. Everyone have tears in life. But we have to move on from ups and downs.
7. Look happiness around you, what you love, whether it's family, music, and hobbies, whatever.
8. Take care about your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is not, try to improve it.
9. Take a trip to the mall, to the next county, to a foreign country but not to where you feel bad.
10. Tell the people that you love them, at every opportunity.
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Monday, 23 June 2014

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

An apple a day keeps the doctor away:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

In our childhood, we all have heard the phrase An apple a day keeps the doctor away but did we ever analyze this fact. Does Apple really help us in maintaining health? Well, let’s evaluate some of the major constituents of apple and their effect on our health.

Pectin: Pectin is a type of soluble fiber which helps us to lower down the blood pressure, cholesterol and also glucose levels. It also improves our digestive system.

Boron: A nutrient present in apples which promotes strong bones and healthy brain.

Quercetin: This beneficial nutrient reduces the risk of Cancer like Lung Cancer etc. Quercetin also helps in prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Phytonutrients:  Apples also contains a number of Phytonutrients in abundance which majorly includes Vitamin A, Vitamin, E and Beta carotene. These components play a key role to destroy the activities of free radicals which can cause severe damage to our body, and helps in preventing diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Asthma.

Conclusion: In literal terms if we eat an apple a day, the chances of illness will be very much less and can definitely reduce our frequency to doctor’s clinic in the long run. Not, only that I would also like to suggest my friends, please include variety of fruits in our daily life like citrus fruits, tropical fruits and berries which are highly nutritional and rich in vitamins.

Posted By:Abhishek Jalan 

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Amazing facts about Cucumber

Amazing facts about Cucumber

Its summer seasons are we are facing too hot.
Uses For Cucumbers -

Cucumbers are rich in minerals, especially potassium, which is great for detoxification, since it eliminates toxins, but you can also use it for many other purposes in summer seasons.
1. Aids in digestion -

Everyone has busy life, This daily busy life destroy our eating habit results mis-digestion.

Special in summer seasons it happens. Water is life in this scenario use cucumber to improve

 your digestion system.

2. Daily vitamins - 

Human body require daily vitamins and cucumber is source of vitamins. Use it to get an vitamins from it.

3. Skin and hair care - 

Cucumber is widely used for skin care. You have also seen that beauty parlor use Cucumber 

frequently for dead cell removal and for brightness to our face. Cucumber is also useful for 

our hairs.
4. Fight cancers - 

Cucumber take away toxins from body to stay it healthy and match. exploitation cucumber cell  fights 

from cancer.

5. Hangover cure -

Many people face hangover and headache at morning . Eating Cucumber before sleeping 

remove hangover problem.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Benefits of Tomato Juice

Benefits of Tomato juice:

1. High cholesterol: Drinking tomato juice can also help in the prevention of high cholesterol.
2. Source of Vitamins:Tomato juice is a source of vitamins A and C. That is beneficial to our eyes and body. Tomato juice is rich in Vitamin B6 .
3. Helpful in weight loose:Another big benefit of tomato juice is that it aids in weight loose.
4. Helpful to remove body toxins:Tomato juice has a detoxification effect on the body due to the presence of chlorine and sulfur
5. Antioxidant:The red colour in tomatoes is due to a fat solution antioxidant known as lycopene.

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Stop eating Potato chips

Avoid Potato chips :

Stop eating Potato chips

1-Potato chips cause cancer:
Potato chips containing the chemical carcinogens, when we are cooking foods which are rich with carbohydrate at high temperatures, that chemical is formed. Therefore , can be found in potato chips .

2- Potato chips contain high calories:
If you are health conscious you must avoid potato chips. The main reason behind this is it’s calories that cause all sorts of health problems such as clogged arteries, and the weakness of the heart.

3- No benefits:
Potato chips contains no protein no vitamins. No need to eat it on regular basis.

4- Blood pressure:
Potato chips contain sodium with is harmful to our heart. It directly affects heart and blood vessels. Eating large amounts of sodium causes an increase in blood pressure.
Increase in blood pressure is invitation to other decease like stroke, heart failure, and kidney disease.

5- High cholesterol:
Frequent consumption of potato results high cholesterol levels. Potato chips are mostly fried. Oils used in frying this is a process that creates trans fats .

6- Potato chips cause drought:
Potatoes cause dehydration. Everyone who eats potato chips should drink more water to avoid the situation of dehydration.

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Benefits of Fuller’s earth or multani mitti

Fuller’s earth or multani mitti:

Benefits of Fuller’s earth or multani mitti

 Fuller’s earth or multani mitti could be a clay-like substance that contains a range of advantages, particularly once it involves aid. It acts as a formulation and setup to the skin. Fuller’s earth is wealthy in metal chloride that works towards fighting skin issues like skin disorder and blemishes. the most effective half is that this natural ingredient is appropriate  for all skin varieties and doesn't cause any reactions. Use fuller’s earth mixed with perfume or milk to form an efficient pack that contains a range of beauty edges. Here square measure the sweetness edges of applying a fuller’s earth pack.

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Homemade pack for Glowing Skin

People with oily skin will use fuller’s earth because it acts sort of a natural drier. it's to be noted that though it helps management the oil from the skin it doesn't rob away all the oil and wetness, thereby giving your face a tinge of that natural glow.


This natural clay will facilitate take away dead cells from the skin so permitting your skin to breathe higher.  This additionally helps improve your skin texture.


Fuller’s earth works exceptionally well for treating skin disorder and skin disorder marks. Add a bit Azadirachta indica paste, clove powder and perfume to form an efficient pack that treats skin disorder.


Add a bit rush nut and alcohol soap to fuller’s earth to form a scrub. Use this scrub on your face to treat blackheads and whiteheads.


For toned and glowing skin, combine one crushed egg, one spoon of yoghurt and one spoon of fuller’s earth to form a pack. Apply it to your face and wash it off when twenty minutes.


Fuller’s earth may effectively scale back suntan and pigmentation. Add some oil to your fuller’s earth pack for swish and beaming complexion.

Source: healthmeup

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Brain Damaging Habits

Brain Damaging Habits-

 Some activities you would possibly not understand it will injury your Brain Here below the habits which will injury your brain:

1. No breakfast: those who don't take break fast and planning to have a lower sugar level.

This ends up in associate meager offer of nutrients to the brain inflicting brain degeneration.

2. Overeating: It causes hardening of the brain arteries, resulting in a decrease in mental power.

3. Smoking: It causes multiple brain shrinkage and should cause Alzheimer unwellness.

4. High sugar consumption: an excessive amount of sugar can interrupt the absorption of proteins

And nutrient inflicting deficiency disease and should interfere with brain development.

5. Air pollution: The brain is that the largest O2 client in our body. breathing  contaminated air

Decreases the availability of O2 to the brain, transfer a few decrease in brain potency.

6. Sleep deprivation: Sleep permits our brain to rest. long run deprivation from sleep can

Accelerate the death of brain cells.

7. Head lined whereas sleeping: sleeping with the top lined will increase the concentration of dioxide and reduce concentration of O2 which will cause brain damaging effects.

8. operating your brain throughout illness: operating arduous or finding out with illness might cause a decreases

In effectiveness of the brain yet as injury the brain.

9. Lacking in stimulating thought: thinking is that the best thanks to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation

Thought might cause brain shrinkage.

10. Talking rarely: intellectual conversations can promote the potency of the brain.

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Five Thing To Reduce Fat

Five tips to control fat.

1. Avoid Snacks:

First of thing is that you have to control your diet should avoid taking snacks in the day.
 The solution - brush your teeth! Brushing after each and every meal signals to your body that meal time is over, and you're less open to eating when your mouth is clean and fresh.

2. Drink Water:

Water is very important to human body. It reduce to gain extra calories in the the form soft drinks, coffee and tea. It exhaust extra toxins from body

3. Avoid evening food:

When we take food in morning and afternoon we have time to use these calorie in our daily routine work.
but this not happened for night food. So night food calories stored as fat.

4. Avoid too much food:

Eating habit must be controlled to get ride of extra calories. Our body is made to consume more food in nature to save energy but we have to take only food that is necessary to our health.

5. Take long walk: 

Many people take hard exercise to reduce fat but  you burn your calories by using simple walk daily.
Walk around the office, take the stairs. If you really want to lose weight, start walking every single day for extended periods. Take 30 to 45 minute trips to lose fat.

Posted By:Tanuj Kumar 
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Monday, 28 April 2014

Five Tips That Keeps You Younger

Five Tips That Keeps You Younger:

1 Positive Thinking: 

Always think positive to reduce stress. Your mental condition plays very important role to stay fit so always try to change in your thought.

2. Meditation:

Daily meditation of 5 minutes keep relax your mind to maintain your health.

3.Eye Safety:

To reduce dark spot of eye use rose water to get young look.

4.Give up Smoking:

Smoking is injurious to health to stay fit and mentally strong give up this habit

5:Avoid Sugar:

Avoid sugar in your daily food to maintain your body.

Posted By:Tanuj Kumar 

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Five Things That Make A Man Happy

Five Things That Make A Man Happy

Five Things That Make A Man Happy:

1. Honesty & trust:

Everyone knows "Honesty is the best policy" but forget to apply it in life. By honesty we can get the faith of others and results true happiness. 

2. Respect:

Man is always hungry to respect. If you want to be happy give respect to others it keeps you high in eye of others. You get good feeling and high satisfaction from inside by doing this.

3. Sense of humour:

It makes human being different from others each have different sense of humour. No you ask how it help to be happy. If you have good sense of humour your perception increases and more ways opened to you.

4. Intelligence & confidence:

Always be confident because it keeps you ready all the time to capture happiness from small small things. 

5. Art of scarifies:

Everyone know Man feel better to help others Art of scarifies gives true happiness.
Every man have some ambitions but all are not completed. So man must have giving nature to be happy in life.

Posted By:Tanuj Kumar 

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