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Saturday, 8 August 2015

That Awkward Moment When

1. That moment when you update an app, and it looks the same exactly way it did before you did the update.

2. That moment when a government holiday comes on Sunday.

 3. That moment when the joke is too fucking funny.

 4. That moment when someone you don't know insults someone you hate most.

5. That moment when your teacher forgets the class test.

6. That moment when you look up a song's lyrics and realize you've been singing it wrong the whole time.

7. That moment when you realize you didn't finish your work for class.

8. That moment when someone ask you to send a life of candy crush.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Some Funny Gif Images

Some Funny Moments We Face Some Day in Life:

Moment 1: Its really a heart shocking.

Moment 2: My reaction when my best friend gets good grades in exam. 

Moment 3: Please go away don't disturb me.

Moment 4: Its really painful. 

Moment 5: I like it.

Moment 6: I never afraid of any thing but some times?

Moment 7: WTF. 

Moment 8: Waiting for something special.

Moment 9: This is not me. 

Moment 10: Something which give to me an internal happiness. 

Moment 11: I feel the same.

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Funny Facts About Engineers

1.You have a devil smile when a non engineer person turns ON your calculator and struggle with how to turn it OFF.

Engineering Jokes

2. “Any non engineering course is too easy.” – You can prove it by recursion.
Funny facts about engineers

3.You chuckle when your girlfriend says “What the hell is this torrent”. 

Funny facts about engineers

4.The worst nightmare of engineering students is when after a lecture teacher says there will be no attendance for this lecture.

Funny facts about engineers

5.You and your friend can complete your Engineering Drawing Charts without a drafter.
Funny facts about engineers

6.You never call customer care when your internet stops working.

Funny facts about engineers

7.Nothing makes you more productive, than “LAST MINUTE”.
Funny facts about engineers

8.You love to sleep but never go to bed early.
Funny facts about engineers

9.At least once in a lifetime you proved an expression in exam in bottom up manner.
Funny facts about engineers

10.If you can understand at least 5 of these jokes then proud to be an Engineer.

 Funny facts about engineers


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