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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Top 5 Online Sarees Inspired By Celeb Looks

When it comes to style and fashion, no one knows better than Bollywood celebs and if we talk about their ethnic fashion then following them not a bad choice. From Sonam Kapoor to Shilpa Shetty and many other beauties, they all just rocked their every ethnic avatar in sarees. So, let’s have a look at some Bollywood sarees that can make you look like a million bucks as your favourite divas glanced.

Top 5 Online Sarees Inspired By Celeb Looks

Ayesha’s Undying Style of Half n Half Saree

Well, Ayesha gave us goose bumps. She just nailed her traditional look in this half n half saree that features orange and white number with eye-catchy embroidery work. Ayesha Takia who is known for her bubbly and “kucchi-mucchi” looks, she banged the Indian tradition drape with her graceful appeal. The brocade neck blouse and her tempting classy jewels enhanced her feminine charm and told us why we should follow her look. Isn’t right??

Timeless Beauty of Sonam Kapoor in Plain Saree

Draping a plain saree by b-towns fashionistas is a normal and evergreen trend. Nothing speaks charismatic and elegant as this plain milky white bordered saree which is adorned by fashion icon of Bollywood Sonam Kapoor. Sonam knows how to conquer all admiring eyes with her classy and elegant charm. As she did a great job to create this lovely look in red border worked saree we can’t ignore her minute details of look that includes her stud earrings and bun. But what completes her glorious look is that full sleeved statement blouse which compliments her long hands persona.

Trisha Partywear Look in Lehenga Style Saree
When you want to look stand out, you have to pick that outfit which will make you do so. The lehenga style saree is what you need to do something offbeat from regular fashion as Trisha has done here in this saree. A well-known face of Tollywood and Bollywood industries “Trisha Krishnan” was seen spreading her ethnic love in this bright pink and nude green coloured lehenga saree. The intricate embroidery work on the skirt and hanging “latkan” at the side fetched many of eyeballs. And, the free loose pallu depicts effortless style sense of her. So, kudos to her and her captivating ethnic style.

Pleasing Affairs of Silk Sarees with Tamannaah Bhatia

How can we forget about our super duper hit Bahubali’s lead actress Tamannah Bhatia who swayed all eyes with her charming “Apsara” look in the song of “Dhivara”. I bet, you guys couldn’t forget her till now. Right? So, here is another graceful look of Tamannaah in this blue silk saree which is featuring golden laced work on the border and compliments that high neck blouse. She simply draped it casually and still she is flaunting a picture perfect look. One can also get the same desired look to flaunt feminine curves with confidence and style. Don hair as she did like a pro.

Kangana Ranaut in White Net Saree

Look at her!! Isn’t she is looking a dazzling beauty in this white net saree? Using “wow” word for her would be not wrong. She captured here dozens of hearts of admirers in a jiffy. A cut sleeved deep neck blouse paired with net saree flaunted her feminine silhouette and made her a gem of all eyes. The floral embroidery work and sub-border in silver colour are eye-candy motifs that enriched her Indian look beautifully. Putting “Bindi” and wearing choker neckpiece, light makeup with red lipstick highlights her magnificent ethnic look.

So, dear fashion conscious ladies if you want to get exact same desired look in sarees, you can shop these Bollywood sarees from-
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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Most Fashionable And Trendy Laptop Bags For Women Of This Season

This black leather bag is your ideal pick for your office hours and some serious working. And no need to carry it in old, dull way; use it as a backpack & call it vogue. You go girl; time to show some serious fashion fad!!!

Have you ever come across a lady of 2016 who doesn’t own a laptop??? I don’t think so. The way ladies have made their place in corporate world and slaying every area they have touched, they deserve a genuine standing ovation. Kudos girls!!!
Laptop bags for women are one of the many symbols of their fashion and style statement. When they prep for their office day, this also comes in their essential list. Carrying a laptop is very common thing in present scenario, but carrying it in a classy bag can really uplift your fashion sense & make you look more confident and resolute. No really, it’s not that time when these things have no call in your persona, but everything on you matters now. So, it’s high time to let go of such things and put your valuable personality at stake. Workaholics know how important is to be on top notch in everything; be it work or your outlook. Everything counts and speaks about your individual state. So, if you don’t want to lose any tempting moment and shine like a pro, start working on the choice of your handbags or laptop bags.

Let’s get a glimpse of some phenomenal women bags for laptop and roll up on them –

Leather Laptop Bag

Yes, no more old, shabby laptop bags!!!

This black leather bag is your ideal pick for your office hours and some serious working. And no need to carry it in old, dull way; use it as a backpack & call it vogue. You go girl; time to show some serious fashion fad!!!

Briefcase Style

Well, this one is totally chic pick.

You can’t compromise with style while making it for your workplace. Laptop bags for women have totally revamped in new styles and classy designs. Just sneak into & team up with your individual style!!!

Make It Elegant

When you don’t feel that energetic and don’t want to go loud, settle with this elegant piece. These subtle bags for laptop will not just work for you but bring that lost confidence in you.
Are you ready to strut like some serious fashionista???

Sporty Girl Pick

These cool bags are for people like me. Such bags can easily take away the extra tension from your head & make you the coolest person of this planet. Go to your office as you are going to play a game.
Remember, sports people are always the coolest ones!!!
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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Best holiday outfits and accessories

Best holiday outfits and accessories – Pack your Bags
Holiday season just never goes out of season and so is the fashion trend along with it. And its pointless putting that holiday and fashion simply goes hand in hand. This is the best time to flaunt your fashion streak and wear all sort of mix and match stuff. And to up your fashion games this season, here are some trendy outfits and accessories that you must have while you plan a holiday this time around.
Printed Rapron
These are such must have’s when you pack your bags for this holiday season. They are so trendy and so in this season. They look absolutely perfect with a monochrome tank top or for a beach side vacation.
Sunglasses / Aviators
These are so trendy and look perfect when on a holiday. One just can’t imagine a vacation without an amazing pair of sunglasses now. They are must have as they look smart and also have a plus point of preventing your skin and especially the eyes.
Maxi Dress
These are absolutely stunning and go well with any kind of l9cation you plan to visit. Opt for striped dresses. They look casual and gorgeous at the same time. Short height people can opt for vertical stripes.
Denim Jacket
These are a personal preference. They give that rough look on the trip and if your vacation is filled with adventure and sports and this jacket is a should have. Pair it up with leggings or denim jeans to get that perfect look throughout the trip.
Wear anything, dress or denims; boots are a perfect get along with anything. Be it the clothed one or the leather boots, they just provide the right grip for any kind of travel occasion.
Sequential skinny Pants
When you are done and dusted and just can’t think of anything else, then these pants are a perfect life saving thing. They look so stunning and are easy to carry along. And the best part; they just go anything and everything you wear.
Shrugs And Coats
You need to carry this not only fir style purpose but also that shrugs and coats are a downright remedy to protect yourself from tan. And they stylish as ever.
For those who are not comfortable in boots and also avoid open flip flops, sneakers is the thing for you. They will go with denim jeans or with leggings or even with dresses.  Try different shades and prints in your sneakers this time.
Off Shoulder Dress
Not to forget that we talk about fashion here. And what could add glamour to the outing other that the pretty off shoulder dresses and midis. Wear them while vising location and for an evening break and just see how you rock the look.
Trendy Side Bags
How can we miss out on the side bags while travelling. They are must have to keep all the necessary essentials. Go fore trendy brands while choosing the right kind of bag to compliment your outfit and give a trendy look as well.

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Ethnic Dress According To Body Type

Ornamenting your body by dolloping several outfits altogether which might not complement you is just a waste of time and fashion. Better you should feel proud about your body and try to pamper according its acceptance. For the best appeal you need to grasp a basic knowledge of your body shape and type. After this you will never fail to achieve compliments from your peers.
Love your body and follow some basic rules if you are a die heart fan of true ethnic wears. If you are in dire confusion on what to wear while having a wider shoulder and narrow bottom (inverted triangle body), simply go for Anarkali or frock style kurtis. They will equalise the width of your whole body. If you have a straight cut figure and lack of those necessary curves, worry not, just opt for 2” loose straight cut long kurtis. It will perfectly veil your otherwise non curvy body shape. Say thanks to God that you are a Kardashian type! An hourglass figure goes well with any type of dress but lehengas and sarees are the best to when time comes to flaunt your sassy curve. Go for dhoti kurtis, when you want distract your peer’s eyes from your plump body. And Angarakhs style kurtis are perfect when you wish to hide you only fat belly portion.

Nowadays, trendy ethnic clothes are available to match up with every body type. Thanks to our expert designers and creative minds of fashionistas.
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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tips on How to Look Slim in any Outfit You Choose to Wear for Wedding

Looking slim is the dream of every girl as there is a popular conception that being thin is equal to being beautiful. That is not the case always as being fat or thin cannot be the yardstick to measure beauty. What is far more important is that you should have a good and balanced figure instead of running after being stick thin.
Often we make fashion mistakes by choosing the wrong kind of dress or hairstyle or neckline and end up looking plump and clumsy. We need to understand our body and then choose our fashion. You can also have a look at these tricks that can make you look slimmer or give the illusion of slimness.

1. Hairstyle:

The way you do your hair can determine how you look. For a plump face and upper section, voluminous hairstyle with layers can accentuate the plumpness.. Sleek and smoothened hair gives an illusion of a slimmer figure.
Most women are usually clueless regarding what to do with the hair with any dress during weddings . The right hairstyle with a lehenga or saree is very important if you wish to appear thinner. What you can do to appear slim is to tie up your voluminous hair cut in layers. You can tie a loose braid or do up your hair in a bun leaving side locks in the front.  The braid goes both for salwar suits and lehengas while the bun is apt for sarees and lehengas. 

2. Pleats-

The second trick you can  apply is with pleats.
When you buy designer lehengas or sarees for weddings, a trick you can apply is to pleat up the pallu in small and neat pleats. A closely pleated pallu gives you the illusion of being thinner. So instead of leaving it open make small and thin pleats which makes you look tall and slim.

3. Heels-

Heels are another way to appear slimmer with any outfit. They add height and makes your legs appear longer which immediately creates a slimming illusion. The best way to wear your Bollywood style long anarkali suits online for weddings is to slip into a pair of heels underneath your saree or lehenga or Anarkali suits.
Image Source
With this long pink Bollywood style suit you can instantly appear a bit slimmer if you put on a pair of heels. The huge length of the suit which has the chance of making you appear plump gets negated as soon as you add those inches.

4. Try narrow outfits-

When you buy online salwar suit India try to select items that are narrower.
Image  source
For instance, you can go for pant style suits for their narrow look. This blue, straight achkan style suit with the front slit open is ideal to appear slimmer as the narrow outfit creates a narrower illusion. Try this on with a pair of heels and you get just what you want.
Try similar long and straight suits and lehengas with medium flare as gheras add volume to the look. For sarees, choose softer fabrics instead of stiff ones for thinner appearance.

5. Black-

Last but not the least advice to ladies is to add black to your closet irrespective of what you wear. With your lehengas you can go for a solid black choli or wear a plain and simple black blouse with a saree. You may also choose your saree or suit in gorgeous blacks as nothing on earth can make you look better and create a better slimming illusion than black. 
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Sunday, 8 November 2015

3 Completely Different Glam Looks You can Adopt This Shaadi Season

Diwali sale on indiarush
Style is the matter of instinct. Every woman has her own sense of style which will personify her charming personality. The choice of clothes defines her aesthetic tastes. With tremendous changes in fashion, wedding season is the best platform to showcase your creative choice of clothing. Sarees, lehengas, anarkali suits have undergone massive experimentation and given birth to stylish admirable outfits. The classic salwar have refashioned to voguish dhoti pants, timeless saree have revamped to saree gown, the choil of lehenga have designed to amazing jacket style choli giving contemporary look. With assortment of choice, you can pick any fashionable outfit for wedding function. So why choose something that is just good when you have choice to spoil yourself and look Hatke.

Yes this season look bold look Hatke with unusual super chic dress styles that will make you Fashion savvy in just seconds. Ditch the usual Desi girl look and try something contemporary something sexy and gorgeous. Below are a few choice of outfits which are Ethnics by nature but have a modern twist you will fell in love with. 

Dhoti pants are highly on demand. This unique outfit has immense of modish look. It speaks volume of creativeness and flexibility. It goes perfectly with all body types. Karishma looks glam doll in this desi look. The beautiful mélange of red kurti and golden dhoti pants gives a diva look. The golden prints on the kurta bring richness to this outfit. The choice of collar neckline gives urbane look. Immense of royalty oozes from the golden dhoti pants. Buy this creative outfit and glam up your closet. You can also pick amazing designer salwar suits when you shop online. This outfit is enough to drag the attention and break the mould of salwars!

This radiant red saree gown is epitome of glamor and appeal. This georgette saree is a saree with a twist. It has western touch which sizzles in style. If you want to mesmerize your audience this is the perfect look. The raw silk blouse gives classy touch to this unique outfit. The elegant self-color embroidery work on the blouse redefines hotness. You can buy this outfit or alluring Indian designer sarees online. If you cloself observe it is a gown yes it’s a saree gown. For ladies who think 9 yards is too much to handle this is the ultimate pick. The gown creates an false illusion of saree. With this one you are sure to raise the temperature of any party!

Girls, you are sure to give your heart for this sheer elegant outfit. Richness is one word to describe this wonderful banglori silk zari work lehenga suit. The grandeur golden thread work over the silk choli showcases royalty. The choice of sheer fabric for the sleeves adds elegance to the outfit. The stylish cut of choli defines uniqueness and creativity. The blend of royal blue and turquoise blue makes it pleasant wear. The golden patch work on the lehenga and the golden border creates traditional yet stylish look. This royal lehenga is perfect for wedding function.

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