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Friday, 17 June 2016

Ethnic Dress According To Body Type

Ornamenting your body by dolloping several outfits altogether which might not complement you is just a waste of time and fashion. Better you should feel proud about your body and try to pamper according its acceptance. For the best appeal you need to grasp a basic knowledge of your body shape and type. After this you will never fail to achieve compliments from your peers.
Love your body and follow some basic rules if you are a die heart fan of true ethnic wears. If you are in dire confusion on what to wear while having a wider shoulder and narrow bottom (inverted triangle body), simply go for Anarkali or frock style kurtis. They will equalise the width of your whole body. If you have a straight cut figure and lack of those necessary curves, worry not, just opt for 2” loose straight cut long kurtis. It will perfectly veil your otherwise non curvy body shape. Say thanks to God that you are a Kardashian type! An hourglass figure goes well with any type of dress but lehengas and sarees are the best to when time comes to flaunt your sassy curve. Go for dhoti kurtis, when you want distract your peer’s eyes from your plump body. And Angarakhs style kurtis are perfect when you wish to hide you only fat belly portion.

Nowadays, trendy ethnic clothes are available to match up with every body type. Thanks to our expert designers and creative minds of fashionistas.
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Thursday, 6 August 2015

How Online Deals and Coupons Can Help You to Save money?

How Online Deals and Coupons Can Help You to Save money?
The piggy bank is a memorable part of our childhoods. It is cute and motivating to see the piggy bank getting full and finally breaking it to buy something.  I now see it as a noble way to teach us to save money since we are kids.  Love it or hate it, money is somehow important in everyone’s life. Indians are world famous for their money saving and bargaining skills. We have seen our parents working hard throughout the years and trying to save money. Sometimes it seems practically impossible to save money, while leading a life in the fast paced urban culture. Inflation rate is at its top gear and so we need smarter ways to save some cash.
Deals, Online deals
Use deals: Deals can be upright best way to save your hard-earned cash. Imagine visiting a restaurant and getting a discount of 50% or getting a hairdo at half the original price. Deals, if used tactfully can help you to save a good amount of money each time you go for services like restaurants or salon. Online shopping can be a great time and energy saver. You can also use online deals to buy products at a discounted rate.

Use coupons: Coupons, both online and offline can be used to save money while shopping. You can get discounts on grocery products or at online stores using coupons.  There are many coupon portals out there in the wild to help you save money.
Buy long lasting products: It is smart to spend little more to buy products that last long. If you buy cheap unreliable products, the odds are that, the product will need a faster change.

Cashback: Many business entities and online stores have cashback offers that can let you save a bulk, if you do it smartly. Use cashback sites to know about the latest offers.

Where to find the best deals in India
There are several deal portals in India.  You can’t predict a particular deal to be the best without properly comparing it. So compare to find the best deals in India.  While buying online you can search for online deal for the product. Mydala is an online deal portal where you can find some of the best deals in India. The site has comprehensive online deals from more than 200 Indian cities.

With the economy getting harder, we must act smart to ensure that we don’t over spend.  It is also smart way to seek for additional sources of income if time permits.
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to earn money from a blog?

From where you need to start?How to earn money from a blog?

You need to follow the steps:
1. First of all you must have a blog? If not goto:create a blog.
2. Start with your blogger subdomain or link your custom domain.
3.Make some quality posts and generate traffic to your blog.
Once you  are getting good traffic to your blog apply for Google Adsense account. Once you get adsense approval you will get paid to each ad click.
4. If your adsense account was not approved dont worry their are many alternative of adsense.
5. Infolinks to get infolinks account click here .
6. Once you get infolink account from the above link you need to add a widget.

There are now two ways to track your Infolinks earnings. From your PC you can view your earnings by logging into your Infolinks account. Your daily statistics will be visible under Reports. Infolinks updates reports every day by 3:00 pm PST (GMT -8) to include all data for the previous day. If you have a smartphone you can also check your Infolinks statistics using our new mobile app! To download the Infolinks Mobile App simply select either the iTunes button below if you have an iPhone or the Google Play button if you own an Android phone.

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Monday, 8 June 2015

Snapdeal Selling House over Internet

Snapdeal Selling House over InternetThis happened first time in India that a house has been sold on E-commerce site.E-marketplace operator has begun selling pre-fabricated homes. This is really an achievement for on line shopping site to make in possible. On-line E-commerce site  Snap-deal, has partnered with Tata Housing, to sell premium and luxury residential apartments online.Buy Apartments.E-commerce is no longer limited to home appliances, gadgets,Clothes,Shoes and white good — users are even buying houses/apartments over the internet.
        Many reputed companies are selling apartments through Snap-deal.They tied up with Snapdeal, and this deal started showing their result as House Worth Rs 1.1 Cr Sold on Snapdeal-Tata Housing Platform.The property carnival by Snapdeal, which received over 1,800 inquiries, witnessed the largest deal of Rs 1.1 crore, the company said in a statement.
Here are the list of top most Housing Companies selling their apartments on line on Snapdeal take a look..
Tata Housing Development Company is a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, a holding company of the Tata Group. Established in the year 1984 by the late JRD Tata

TATA Value Homes
The Godrej Group is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, managed and largely owned by the Godrej family.Godrej
DLF, a premier real estate company in India for six decades, has become synonymous with new urban lifestyle for premium homes, offices, and retail spaces.
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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Flipkart will Only available on App from Next Year 2016

Flipkart decides to convert into APP only format :

Flipkart big change only on smartphones

Flipkart support only app format form next year 2016 according to Times of India news.
This would be happened because of less number of broadband availability. However new era is of smartphones, hope it would be a great decision to the future of Flipkart. 
The mobile  internet users are rapidly increasing in India. Boston Consulting Group expects more than 580 million people in India to use the internet by 2018, 70-80% of them accessing the web on mobile phones.  

Possible drawbacks of this decision:

  • Most of the users prefer desktops/laptops for online shopping to get better product view.
  • Desktops/laptops have great significance than smartphones.
  • Currently most of the users have best internet connectivity(broadband/data cards) in Desktops/laptops, however most of the people are using 2G internet connectivity in smartphones, which is comparatively lower than broadband.
  • Mobile display size is also less as compare to lapy & desktop  which is not good for online-shopping.
  • To do online payment in smartphones is hectic.
Grab Your Flipkart App Now.

Flipkart to Shutdown Website Within a Year:

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