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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Most Epic Roles in Bollywood Movies

Some characters in Bollywood movies are so good that no one can forget them. Here are some most epic Bollywood Roles played by most talented actors fit for those roles. No one else can play these roles better than them.

1. Maya in Shootout at Lokhandwala: Vivek Oberoi

"Aye Ganpat Chal Daaru La."

2. Lucky in Golamal: Tushar Kapoor

Nothing to say on this ;) :D. 

3. Mugambo in Mr. India: Amrish Puri

"Mugambo Khush Hua"

4. Gabbar in Sholay: Amzad Khan

"Arre Oo Shambha... Kitna Inaam Rakhi h re Sarkar....."
"Kitne Aadmi the..."
"Utha Bandook or Laga Nishana Kutte Per.."

5. Circuit in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S: Arshad Warsi

"Aisa Ho Gaya Bhai.... ;)"
"Bhai Bhari Bhari Shabd Fenkne Ka jaise ki Durgati... Desh ki Durgati ho reli h.."

6. Chatur Ramalingam in 3 Idiots: Omi Vaidya

 No one can forget his PRANGATAKAM performance in 3 Idiots.

7. Ganesh in Run: Vijay Raaz

"Arre Choti Ganga Bol ke Salo ne Naale me gira diya be...."
 and the most epic one "Kauwa Biryani."

8. Pappi in Tannu weds Mannu Returns: Deepak Dobriyal

"You are a good question..."
"Tumhare chakkar me apne mohlle ki 2 nekar wali ladkiyo ko mana ker diya humne...."

9. Faizal Khan in Gangs of Wasseypur: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

His Acting speaks...

10.Babu Rao Ganpat Rao Apte in Hera Pheri: Paresh Rawal

And at last our Babu Bhaiya.....
"Khopdi Tod sale ka..."
"Aadhi machliya doob ke mar gai .. aadhi pyas se mar gai.."
"Utha le re deva.... mujh ameer ko nai re in do garibo ko utha le..." 

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Latest Updates on Salman Khan's Hit & Run Case 2002 Verdict

Salman Khan Held Guilty In 2002 Hit & Run Case, Sentenced To Five Years In Jail

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

 Lets Take A Look At Various Activities Happened Today 6 May 2015:
It was never expected!!

Salman Khan won't go to jail, Bombay HC suspends his sentence (Source - (8th may 12:45pm))

  16:50 pm: excellent news for fans....Salman got bail for two days from city tribunal.

Court Proceding is as follows:
13:38 pm: "He has been charged against section 304 half II of blameful kill not amounting to murder. The court refuse the defence arguments of the Salman Khan's driving the automotive," 
13:36 pm: Defence seeks a duplicate copy of the order to take stay on the judgement.
13:35 pm: Salman Khan meets his relations. He will solely meet the relations and friends.
13:30 pm: Salman Khan are taken to the Arthur road jail with in security.
13:25 pm: Salman Khan command sentenced to 5 years in jail for rash and negligent driving. He are taken into custody in real time and sent to jail.
13:20 pm: A power cut off in court. 
13:19 pm: Prosecution files a violation application against Salman Khan's car driver for giving false statement.
12:44 pm: Salman khan seen standing with his sisters.
12:27 pm Prosecution starts arguments.
12:23 pm "Since Salman Khan has been found guilty in the case"
12:19 pm: Salman Khan has done plenty of social welfare work
12:16 pm Defence lawyer finished the arguments. Public Procecutor begins the arguments.
12:16 pm Salman's lawyers say on his behalf,"Please enhance the fine however don't send me to jail" 
12:15 pm I actually have suffered the trial as normal subject and should be sentenced as ordinary subject
12:14 pm Defence argues in court that he can not be penalised solely as a result of he's associate degree actor. "Salman not doing humanity below compelling court order, he has been doing it since 2007 and this could be taken under consideration throughout the sentencing," Salman's lawyers say.
12:12 am: Salman's lawyers submit a record of film star's financial aid organisation Being Human.
12:09 am: forty two large integer has been disbursed by Being Human, says Defence in court. Salman's lawyers conjointly tell court court that the actor will plenty of welfare work. "Being Human was got wind of in 2007. it's operating in education and care, medicine care sector. It works within the space of preventable vision defect," the lawyers say.
12:08 am: "I am a founder trustee of Being Human and have done plenty of welfare work," says Salman Khan's lawyers in court.
12:08 am: prosecuting attorney seeks a most sentence of ten years for Salman Khan
12:06 am: Police has currently shut the doors of room fifty two when spat with media, a vicinity of the media stranded outside the room
11:55 am: Salman Khan's mother unwell when hearing the decision.
11:54 am: Commotion within the court when some individuals prevented by the police from getting into the court.
11:49 am: Defence says that it's able to pay no matter compensation the court deems match.
11:45 am: Salman Khan's sisters Alvira Khan Agnihotri and Arpita Khan Sharma ar in tears within the room.
11:42 am: Defence argues in court that Supreme Court has not given over three years sentence in road accident cases within the past.
11:42 am: Salman listens to finding with tears in his eyes.
11:40 am: The choose same same that it's not probable that Salman's driver Ashok Singh was driving the automotive. "All charges against you're verified. Court has come back to conclusion that you simply were driving the car below the influence of alcohol," he said.
11:38 am: Arguments still on however Sohail has left court.
11:30 am: Court asks Salman what he must say. The actor denies charges and claims that he wasn't driving the automotive.
11:28 am: If the sentence is a smaller amount than 3 years, he's seemingly to urge bail in real time otherwise he can ought to charm within the city tribunal which works on vacation from weekday.
11:20 am: Defence is contention on the sentencing that is probably going to require place nowadays.
11:16 am: Salman appearance impassive, holds sides of witness stand and appears around to family for support.
11:15 am: choose observes that Salman was driving below the influence of alcohol.
11:14 am: Mumbai Sessions Court holds Salman Khan guilty of all charges within the 2002 hit-and-run case.
11:10 am: Judge observes that it's 'not probable' that Ashok Singh was driving the vehicle. Judge asked to Salman what he must say.
11:08 am: The Judge enters the room, Salman enters witness stand. finding soon!
10:50 am: The Judge is nevertheless to arrive within the room. Salman's entire family except his folks in court.
10:40 am: Salman Khan is standing outside the room sporting a white shirt. His sisters Alvira and Arpita are within the court.
10:35 am: Salman Khan arrives in court.
10:18 am: along side Sohail, Atul Agnihotri, cake Siddique, manager Reshma Shetty are in court.
10:16 am: Salman's brother Sohail Khan has reached the sessions court.
10:11 am: Support has been running sure the actor from the screenland.
10:10 am: Elaborate security arrangements are created at the court earlier than the decision.
9:45 am: Salman Khan leaves his residence in Mumbai. he's seemingly to satisfy his professional before reaching the sessions court for the decision.

A strong constabulary of policemen has been deployed at the Mumbai sessions court that is ready to deliver its finding within the 2002 hit-and-run case involving film industry actor Salman Khan.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hollywood actors in Bollywood

Meet Bollywood Stars And Their Hollywood Look-Alikes:

There are many actors/celebrities in Bollywood which look like Hollywood actors/celebrities.

"Bollywood and Hollywood have their own significance. To make Hollywood movies they spent  millions of rupees only for Entertainment. However in Bollywood we take a dog put his name  as "Entertainment" that's it."

Johnny Depp and Vivek Oberoi:

Philip Rhys and Tushar Kapoor:

Hrithik Roshan and Bradley Cooper:

Colin Farrell and Emraan Hashmi: 

Preity Zinta and Drew Barrymore:

Katrina Kaif and Camilla Belle:

Shahid Kapoor and Zach Braff:


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