Windows 10 Release Date, Price and Specification

We got the new look for our laptop & desktop soon. Microsoft released the Windows 10 OS in 2015. This is the last version of Windows, after it only frequently updates are available for Windows 10. We can see start button again in Windows 10. This time Microsoft jumps directly to the Windows 10 from the Windows 8.Windows 10 Release Date, Price and Specification


Windows 10 Release Date:

Hopefully Windows 10 was released on July 2015. 

Windows 10 Price:

Windows 10 was free for existing Windows 7/8.1 users.  Windows 10 was free for Windows 7 & 8.1 users  for the first year.
"Good news for pirated Windows users that the free Windows 10 upgrade will also be available to users of pirated software. "
Microsoft upgrade all eligible PCs, it may be genuine and non-genuine, to Windows 10."

Windows 10 Specification:

Microsoft Edge:

Finally the windows version comes up with new web browser(Microsoft Edge) except internet explorer. The next-generation browser set to replace Internet Explorer. 

New key board Shortcuts:

Windows 10 will be released with some new keyboard shortcuts:
  • Snapping window: WIN + LEFT or RIGHT (can be used with UP or DOWN to get into quadrants)
  • Switch to recent window: ALT + TAB (unchanged) – Hold shows new Task view window view, let go and switches to app.
  • Task view: WIN+TAB - 
  • Create new virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + D
  • Close current virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + F4
  • Switch virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + LEFT or RIGHT

Microsoft’s forthcoming OS will provide peer-to-peer updates for apps and software updates.
Multitasking is a big feature of Windows 10, with a quadrant layout that allows users to snap up to four apps together and a smart suggestion feature for any dead screen space.

MDM built into the new operating system, allowing admins to manage devices, both through traditional methods and via the cloud.

Windows 10 build 9879 screenshots reveal new changes
to the taskbar, File Explorer and more

Animation of Windows 10 have been made smoother, and the Notification Center button has been moved from the taskbar to the tray beside the clock.

Introducing Windows 10 - the best Windows yet

Windows 10 for Phones:

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