Depression: The Silent Killer

On 14th June 2020, we heard the news about suicide of one of the genuine and pure hearted Bollywood celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput. He was just 34 years old. During the period of 2008-2011 he was a successful TV Actor. He started his career as a TV actor from Star Plus’s show “Kis Desh Me Hai Meraa Dil”, and later he did another great show of Zee TV, “Pavitra Rishta”.

In 2013, he did his debut in Bollywood with the movie “Kai Po Che!”, for which he received nomination for the “Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut”. After that he did some successful movies like “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story”.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Even though at the moment no one has an idea what happened wrong in his life due to which he took the step to end his life. Everyone is raising the flags of their own opinions like nepotism in Bollywood, being alone, not getting recognition he deserved and so on. We are not sure about the real problem, but depression could be one of the reason. 

In this article we will try to explain what is Depression and what are the causes and precautions we can take to avoid getting depressed.

The Facts:

  1. As per WHO, Depression kills around 800000 people every year globally. 
  2. More than 264 million people of all ages group suffer from depression. 
  3. Depression is not just a disease in itself but also acts as a Launchpad for many other mental disorders. 
  4. Depression can cause the people to kill themselves. 
  5. Depression is a curable illness. 
  6. Women are more likely to suffer from depression than men. 

What is Depression? 

Depression is a mental disorder, which affects the behavior and feelings of a person. It can cause the loss of interest in life, relationships, work etc. Depression creates a long lasting feeling of sadness.

What is Depression?

The Symptoms:

Following are few major symptoms of Depression: 
  1. Loss of Concentration in day to day activities at home or work. 
  2. Negative mindset.
  3. Continuous physical tiredness. 
  4. Emotional instability. 
  5. Loss of interest in all amusement activities including sex. 
  6. Feeling useless. 
  7. Suicidal Tendency.
  8. Anxiety. 
  9. Insomnia or sometimes oversleeping 
  10. Loss of appetite or sometimes over eating. 
Causes of Depression

What Causes Depression?

There are so many possible causes of Depression. 

Following are some: 
  1. Genetic History: Yes, as per studies people with genetic history are more likely to suffer from depression. 
  2. Low Self Esteem: People with low self-esteem, easily get depressed as they are more likely to hate themselves. 
  3. Trauma: Any type of physical or emotional trauma could lead to sever depression. 
  4. Circumstances: Negative atmosphere at work place or home can also lead to depression. 
  5. Medical Conditions: Some serious medical issues like Alzheimer, stroke, cancer, erectile dysfunction in men etc. can also lead to depression. 

The Treatment:

As we said, Depression is a curable disease. There are various treatments available for depression, few of them are: 
  1. Psychological: Treatments like interpersonal psychotherapy, one to one counselling etc. 
  2. Medications: There are various medications available in medical science which helps reduce stress and are being used to treat people suffering from depression. 
  3. Natural Remedies: There are some natural and home remedies which can help treat and prevent depression like Exercise, setting day to day goals or getting a work routine, healthy eating habits, getting proper sleep, talking to loved ones about your problems and issues etc. 

The Conclusion:

Depression is a silent killer; it can ruin anyone’s life we must not ignore any of above mentioned symptoms in ourselves or any loved one’s. Your one phone call, one conversation can save a life. Stay healthy, happy, keep spreading happiness!!

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