Message Center for All Networks in India

Message Center for All Networks in India

Message Center for All Networks in India

If you are facing the issue in sending the SMS, then you need to update your Message center from the below list of centers as per your service provider. Right message center plays a very important role in sending the messages. If there is wrong message center in updated your mobile setting you need to immediately update the same in the setting.

You can update the message center by following the below steps. 

 If your messages not getting delivered, you may have problem with your message center. 

Go to Message setting and change the message center from the below list according to your service provider.

Operator wise Message Center Number is as follows:

Here is the list of updated list of message center number for all the service providers is as follows:

Operator Name
Message Center Number
Airtel SMS center number
BSNL SMS center number
Jio SMS center number
Idea SMS center number
Reliance SMS center number
Vodafone SMS center number
Here is the state wise list of message center for Airtel Network.
Statewise Message Center Number of Airtel
Message Center Number
Airtel andhra pradesh center number
+91 9849087001
Airtel assam center number
+91 98180230015
Airtel bihar center number
+91 9831029416
Airtel chattisgarh center number
+91 9845086020
Airtel delhi center number
+91 98100-51914
Airtel gujarat center number
+91 9831029416
Airtel haryana center number
+91 9896051914
Airtel jammu & kashmir center number
+91 845086007
Airtel jharkhand center number
+91 9845086020
Airtel karnataka center number
+91 9845086007
Airtel kerala center number
+91 9810051905
Airtel madhya pradesh center number
+91 9845086020
Airtel maharashtra center number
+91 9898051916
Airtel mumbai center number
+91 9898051916
Airtel kolkata center number
+91 9845086007
Airtel odisha center number
+91 98180230015
Airtel punjab center number
+91 9815051914
Airtel rajasthan center number
+91 9898051914
Airtel telangana center number
+91 9849087001
Airtel tamil nadu center number
+91 9898051914
Airtel west bengal center number
+91 9932029007
Airtel message center number UP East
+91 7017075009
Airtel message center number UP West
+91 7017075009

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