Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Pokemon Go - Mobile game funny facts

Reasons not to play pokemon go:-

If you are looking for reasons not to play the pokemon go then you are on right place, here are your reasons as follows.Pokemon Go - Mobile game funny facts
If you are windows users they not playing Pokemon go is not your choice its your restraints.
If you have android phone and still you are not playing the pokemon go here may be your reasons.

Social Reasons

- You are busy person and don't have time to play it.
- You are more social and don't use phone for games.

Technical Reasons

- Phone is too slow and can't handle new apps.
- Your phone is full of unwanted apps and you don't have space for pokemon go.

Financial Reasons

- You don't have free internet connection. 
- You can't afford regular internet due to its high price.

Other Reasons

- You like movies/tv series then Games.
- You hate it. 


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