Tips on How to Look Slim in any Outfit You Choose to Wear for Wedding

Looking slim is the dream of every girl as there is a popular conception that being thin is equal to being beautiful. That is not the case always as being fat or thin cannot be the yardstick to measure beauty. What is far more important is that you should have a good and balanced figure instead of running after being stick thin.
Often we make fashion mistakes by choosing the wrong kind of dress or hairstyle or neckline and end up looking plump and clumsy. We need to understand our body and then choose our fashion. You can also have a look at these tricks that can make you look slimmer or give the illusion of slimness.

1. Hairstyle:

The way you do your hair can determine how you look. For a plump face and upper section, voluminous hairstyle with layers can accentuate the plumpness.. Sleek and smoothened hair gives an illusion of a slimmer figure.
Most women are usually clueless regarding what to do with the hair with any dress during weddings . The right hairstyle with a lehenga or saree is very important if you wish to appear thinner. What you can do to appear slim is to tie up your voluminous hair cut in layers. You can tie a loose braid or do up your hair in a bun leaving side locks in the front.  The braid goes both for salwar suits and lehengas while the bun is apt for sarees and lehengas. 

2. Pleats-

The second trick you can  apply is with pleats.
When you buy designer lehengas or sarees for weddings, a trick you can apply is to pleat up the pallu in small and neat pleats. A closely pleated pallu gives you the illusion of being thinner. So instead of leaving it open make small and thin pleats which makes you look tall and slim.

3. Heels-

Heels are another way to appear slimmer with any outfit. They add height and makes your legs appear longer which immediately creates a slimming illusion. The best way to wear your Bollywood style long anarkali suits online for weddings is to slip into a pair of heels underneath your saree or lehenga or Anarkali suits.
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With this long pink Bollywood style suit you can instantly appear a bit slimmer if you put on a pair of heels. The huge length of the suit which has the chance of making you appear plump gets negated as soon as you add those inches.

4. Try narrow outfits-

When you buy online salwar suit India try to select items that are narrower.
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For instance, you can go for pant style suits for their narrow look. This blue, straight achkan style suit with the front slit open is ideal to appear slimmer as the narrow outfit creates a narrower illusion. Try this on with a pair of heels and you get just what you want.
Try similar long and straight suits and lehengas with medium flare as gheras add volume to the look. For sarees, choose softer fabrics instead of stiff ones for thinner appearance.

5. Black-

Last but not the least advice to ladies is to add black to your closet irrespective of what you wear. With your lehengas you can go for a solid black choli or wear a plain and simple black blouse with a saree. You may also choose your saree or suit in gorgeous blacks as nothing on earth can make you look better and create a better slimming illusion than black. 
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