Top Ten Tech Tricks You Must Know!

Top 10 Tech TricksTop Ten Tech Tricks You Must Know

  1. Use Ctrl+Shift+Esc in place of Ctrl+Alt Del to directly open task manager.
  2. Charge your phone 3 times faster than normal charging simply put it on airplane mode before charging. 
  3. To reduce the size of a excel file just save as it by .xlsb extension. Basically it convert your excel file to binary format to reduce its size. 
  4. Want to download youtube video and audio file just add magic word between you and tube in the URL.  Ex.
  5. Use Ctrl + L to focus on address bar in your browser.
  6. Play a dinosaur game in Google chrome when your internet goes down.
  7. Use Shift+F3 to change the case of sentence in MS word.
  8. Use Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow key  to flip your screen.
  9. Use save as pdf extension save web page as pdf.
  10. Use Adblock extension to skip ads in Youtube.
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