Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Make Birth and Death Certificate Online

Everyone knows the importance of birth certificate but making it is no more difficult as earlier. Because there is portal available online to apply for birth certificate and you will get your certificate without going to anywhere.
Make Birth and death certificates online without going municipal office. Office of the Registrar General of India has created a web portal through which any person may apply within 21 days of birth or death certificate can be obtained. Released online certificate will be valid in all government offices. 

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Union Home Ministry directive of any governmental and non-governmental institutions, it can not reject. CBSE is the website that is being promoted more and more people can take advantage of this feature.

How to Get Birth Certificate Online

  1. Goto crsorgi.gov.in
  2. Fill the required details in login box
  3. Use username and password  which is received on your email id.
  4. Fill the correct information.
  5. You will get birth certificate within 21 days after verification.


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