Wednesday, 4 November 2015

How To Stop Autoplay Videos On Facebook

Stop Facebook Video Autoplay

Facebook is huge social network with 151.8 million users in United State and 108.9 million users in India. Most of the facebook users use facebook for fun and entertainment.
Internet Marketing ads is always creates a barrier in the enjoyment, however it is important sometime but not always. If you are irritated with facebook autoplay video ads it means you are on correct place how to stop autoplay videos on facebook. 

video ads on facebook

How to Stop Video Ads:

Follow the steps to turn off automatic video play on facebook

Step 1: Goto
Step 2: Click on Videos it will open your facebook video setting.
Step 3: Turn off Autoplay video option.
Note: If you still want ads in low quality by this you can change the quality of a video you are watching by clicking the HD icon in the video player.
  • SD Video Ads
  • HD Video Ads
stop auto play video ads in facebook


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