Sunday, 11 October 2015

Login To Social Media Websites Using Your Camera

Have you heard about Clef?

You can simply login by showing your smartphone camera to any social media sites.

Have you heard about Clef?

What is Clef?

Clef is a mobile app, and Clef logins work on all modern web browsers. The Clef mobile app does not use passwords, and Clef-enabled websites log you in via the Clef Wave (i.e., with RSA public key encryption) instead of using passwords. Clef replaces passwords altogether with the RSA cryptosystem, greatly enhances your web application’s authentication security.

Working of Clef?

  1. Need to goto play store and search for "Waltz extension" and install it.
  2. Add this extension to chrome.
  3. Download clef app to your smartphone and create an account on Clef and verify your account.
  4. Now you can use it for any social media sites by follow the instruction guide.


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