Friday, 9 October 2015

How to Enable Search Description in Blogger

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is very important thing for any Blog/Website. Meta Keywords and Meta description is very helpful for on page seo. Today we are discussion about how to add meta description in Blogger Posts. Now blogger comes up with many advance features and support advance SEO. Without SEO you are unable to get traffic from Google. No traffic means no revenue and no revenue means waste of time and money. So search description plays a very important role in SEO.

How to Enable Search Description in Blogger

Why Search Description is Important?

Google is very advanced search engine. There are various algorithm running in background to provide you a better and effective search result. However these algorithm are very effective but there are various limitations for them because they are basically a computer program. They will  not work for you until you did not tell them the what you are targeting in your article. Basically search description is build to describe the brief summary of your article/blog post.

Type of Search Description in Blogger

There are two type of search description for your blog allowed by Blogger.
First In which you have have to give search description for the whole blog in a single box.
The another one you have to provide search description for each and individual posts uniquely. If you are working on keywords and wants the better search ranking in google I suggest you to use the second one option. It works good for you. The details for activating search description is given below its easy and quite effective.

How to Define Search Description 

As we have discussed already how the search description is works for blog posts now its very important to put real,unique and relevant search description for  your blog posts. Don't use copy/paste and always avoid over stuffing. Over stuffing means you have to write the search description which is directly relate to your post.

How to Enable Search Description in Blogger

It is very easy to enable search description to your blog. Simple follow the steps.
  1. First login to your blogger account.
  2. Goto Settings › Search preferences
  3. Under Meta tags Enable Description ?  by clicking Edit button 
  4. Save the changes enable you the search description for your each blog post.

Where Write Search Description?

  • After enabling the search description goto the post editor.
  • Write new post on the right side there is a "Search Description" menu click on it and write down the description for your blog post as shown in the figure.
Search preferences
Now you can put meta description on each individual post in blogger.

Hope you like this article.


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