Do You Know 'undo Feature' In Facebook

Sometimes you posts a wrong status in facebook and later need to modify or delete it. Facebook Undo extension gives you a 5 sec of interval time on each facebook posts.
Do You Know 'undo Feature' In Facebook

Benefits of using this Facebook Undo Extension:

✔ Posted a status and changed your mind? undo your post within five seconds. 
 ✔ A post that you undo using this extension is never published (so Facebook will not be logging your status. Facebook is known to save your data even if you delete it). 
✔ Without the extension, simply deleting a status on Facebook does not work fast enough for people not see the original post - the status might still be shown on your friends' feed for a couple of minutes (because of Facebook caching mechanisms).
Facebook Undo Chrome Extension  let's you undo your facebook status post by giving you a 5 seconds grace period during which you can regret and cancel the post.
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