Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Add Double Tick Track Like Whats app in Your Gmail

Get Double Tick Track in Your Gmail

Today I am telling you about an extension by which you can track your email as you do in Whatsapp. Single tick means mail sent successfully. Double tick means mail has been read by receiver. You can get this functionality in your system by installation of this extension.

Get Double Tick Track in Your Gmail

Follow the step:

Sometimes mail receipt is very important. This extension gives you the real time read receipt.
Track Your Emails in Gmail with MailTrack extension.
  1. Simple Goto
  2. Install MailTrack 
  3. Creaton
  4. Use Dashboard to change in setting 
  5. Restart your Chrome browser
  6. Now MailTrack tracks your all sent mail by Double/single tick.


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