Tuesday, 15 September 2015

BOSS-Bharat Operating System Solutions

Have your heard about BOSS?

Bharat Operating System Solutions
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Now it's time to feel proud because the Indian technology  is growing with time, and BOSS is the true example of it. Now Indian Government have its own operating system named BOSS(Bharat Operating System Solutions) like Microsoft windows 10.
An improved better version of BOSS developed by CDAC(Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) and good news is that it has been successfully tested itself from all kinds of attacks during the past three months of trial. BOSS has been passed vulnerability tests conducted by government agencies and Army intelligence.

Features of  BOSS:

  • Linux based OS
  • Adaptable
  • Versatile
  • User Friendly as Microsoft Windows
  • Contains all features as Windows
BOSS has been developed with the help of Gujarat Technical University, DRDO and private computer geeks. Department of electronics and information technology (DEITY) is ready to use it for the use of government ministries.
Now government to have its own operating system, may replace Microsoft Windows in future. BOSS is an example of Make In India.
However, the new OS can help India take a substantial step to prepare in this direction as will be able to take care of both the individual computer as well as the networking.



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