8 World's Weirdest Jobs You've Never Heard of

If you think that you are the only person alive on earth who has a life sucking job, then this list is perfectly for you. There are so many jobs around the world which are the worst than yours. Some of these seem interesting but believe me you won't survive for a week, if you can't handle your current one.

1. Snake Milkers

These are the professionals who actually extract the venom from worlds deadliest snakes. Snake's venom is used to make anti-venom and also many other medicines.

Snake Milkers

2. Professional Apologizer

They’re hired by professional apology services to apologize on behalf of people. I'm not joking. This type of apology services are in Japan.

Professional Apologizer

3. Professional Hitchhikers

In Indonesia government has restricted some lanes of traffic to only cars with 3 or more people due to overcrowding. Poor people from the city outskirts take advantage of this by offering drivers to ride with them in the “fast lanes”.

Professional Hitchhikers

4. Oshiya: Professional Pushers

In Japan there are professional pushers called Oshiya who push the people in the trains during rush hours. Thank God Delhi is not in Japan, otherwise Delhi metro would be in need of hiring Great Khali to be Oshiya.


5. Professional Snugglers

Japan also has cuddle cafés, where, for around a dollar an hour, you can snuggle or sleep next to a real live woman, don't think naughty only sleep, nothing else. The trend has recently taken off in Rochester, NY, as well.

Professional Snugglers

 6. Professional Sleeper

A Finnish company made headlines not long ago when it advertised this position. Apparently they needed comfort levels to be checked.

Professional Sleeper

 7.Teddy Bear Repair Technician

 Kids get really emotional about their toys. Remember when your favorite toy lost an arm, or suffered a similar life-threatening injury? It was devastating. But now there's a special technician who can come to the rescue.

Teddy Bear Repair Technician

8. Toques

In Mexico, some men lug around caja toques -- battery operated boxes that dispense electrical charges -- and offer shocks of electricity for between $2 to $4 a pop. Popular around bars and clubs, some people believe it sobers them up while others feel it heightens their buzz.


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