Saturday, 22 August 2015

Install Firefox Operating System to Your Smartphone

How to install firefox operating system to your phone?

Install Firefox Operating System to Your Smartphone

What is Firefox OS?

Firefox is well known company everyone knows their product firefox web browser. Now firefox has made Operating System for mobiles codename "Boot2Gecko or B2Gbased on Linux and Mozilla’s Gecko technology. It build with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Difference b/w Firefox OS and Existing Mobile OS?

Firefox OS, powered by Gecko engine. Firefox OS is free as its web browser. It made in HTML5. Like Android OS it has a lock screen, home screen and many features same as in Android OS. However, there are some changes as compared to Android. A background image shows in the home screen along with the time and date. There is no widget supports in firefox OS. Firefox OS’s user interface is better than iPhone or Windows Phone OS, but it is not as good as that of Android. 

Apps for Firefox OS

It supports only  web apps. These apps are built using HTML. 

How to install firefox Operating System?

Step 1: Enable "Unknown Sources" from your smartphone.
Step 2: 
Download B2GDroid (.apk)
Step 3: Set as Default Launcher & Play Around.
Step 4: Apply it by tapping your Home key.


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