Thursday, 6 August 2015

Facebook officially launches its 2G-friendly Lite app for Android in India

Now Facebook has officially launched its Lite app for Android users for 2G users of India. Its lite version of facebook app and give ease access to your facebook account for slow internet connection. No need to wait for loading its gives fast facebook access even on slow 2G networks.

facebook lite app

This app is in testing mode since January and now this is available in India.Facebook claims it has 114 million active mobile users in India. No doubt facebook Lite app is quicker than its main facebook mobile app over 2G.

The app size is  just 430 KB, make for a quick download on slow connection. It includes all features of facebook app which is available in main app like-
messaging,notifications,  and search, but doesn’t support video for now.You may use it to access two facebook account in your smartphone over 2G networks.

The Facebook working to launch this app in other markets over the coming weeks and months.

Facebook Lite [Android]


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