Mobile Number Portability in India

What NMP means?

Th full form is "Nationwide mobile number portability". Now you can now roam from one part of the country to another without having to change your mobile number.
mobile number portability india process

MNP News: Before the service was to be implemented from May 3, but later it was extended.

       A senior Telecom official said the service will start from July 3rd. After the implementation of mobile number portability in the country customers can change telecom circle without changing mobile number.
In the current system, Mobile number can not be transferred to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or someone else in the circle. To move in those circles would take her own number.
Full number portability were to begin on May 3. But the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI)  had appealed to prevent service from being applied from the telecom operators. So that they can do the necessary technical changes to the telecom operators. The Ministry had given the two-month moratorium.
Last month, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said that the facility will be ready by July. COAI Director General Rajan Matthews said the industry is now ready to be implemented and now has no chance of being late

Mobile Number Portability Procedure

1. Send a message as PORT Mobile Number to 1900 You will receive a UPC Code in message. Note it down.
2. Now goto the nearest Customer service centre or the retailer of the operator you want to shift. Submit the following Documents:
- Address proof
- One passport size photograph
- Last bill copy: You can carry forward your balance and bill.

3. Airtel has listed on its website that all NMNP requests will be processed in 24 hours.
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