Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Know Your Power Bank

Mobile phones have become smart. Now the whole world riding on the waves of the Internet. How Mobile Power Bank can power your mobile.

What is a Mobile Power Bank?

This portable device through which you can charge your mobile, tablet device. In terms of size, it is made in such a way that can be taken anywhere with ease and when required by the individual one can be used it. Its power is measured in mAh. Since the mobile device battery is measured in mAh of power, this sense, it is easy to understand that a mobile power bank can charge a mobile device often.

Keep in mid before buying a Power Bank 

  • What is the capacity of your mobile device's battery. 
  • Check your Mobile Charger Specification.

Feature of Power Bank

  • Power Bank Power at least more than your mobile device. For example, if your device battery 1500 mAh power is less than the 3000 mAh Power Bank makes no sense to buy. 
  • Power output voltage and output current of the bank should be more than a mobile device. It will take less time in the charging of the device. The output of at least has to be 5V and 2A.
  • Power Bank must have at least 2 output slots. Output slot means much more than a device to facilitate charging.
  • Power bank use lithium ion or lithium polymer. The Power Bank of lithium ion is inexpensive while the Power Bank of  lithium polymer in expensive, but less weight would give much power backup.
  • Buy only the branded power bank they give you a good quality products, but also in the event of any trouble is easy replacement and repairing.
  • If you want full proof see the features like Safety Over-voltage protection (OVP), over-charge protection (OCP) and over-Temperature Protection (OTP).
  • If the power bank to get quite hot during charging or over charging mobile becomes quite hot immediately stop charging.

How will the charge?

Power Bank can charge in two ways: directly from the power plug , and from the computer via USB. If you want quick charging charge directly via the power plug . You can also charge via USB to the computer, but that is a bit slower in the charging.

Do not go on appearances!

  • Market power banks are basically two types: the display and without the display . In the display power bank you can see the display. For instance, how much charge is left on. Without this work, the Power Bank LED lights tend to display. 
  • Often it is seen people get involved with Slim Power Bank Power Backups are compromised. Remember that you are buying power bank for charging.


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