Monday, 1 June 2015

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Your Smartphone

Top 10 Android Apps for Your Smartphone:

If you are looking for best free android app then you are on right place. However It's really hard to identify the best android apps for your smartphone but don't worry we are here to tell you about top 10 free android apps for your smartphone. As everyone know the android phone is the basic need of every human now a days.  Here are the best picked best android app for you. These app are hassle free and easy to operate and widely used.
Top 10 Android Applications
Here are the list of the best free android apps.

1. File manager

File manager is the best android app to explore files in your smartphone. File manager also helps to move media files from one folder to another folder. File manager provide user friendly access to your data(Music,photos,Videos). With File explorer you can manage big data very easily.
File manager

2. Clean master

With time most of the smartphones have hanging problem because of number of running apps in background increases and take more RAM to and user processor. So it is very necessary to close background apps, and delete temporary data, so that your smartphone give optimum performance to solve this problem you must have Clean master in your smartphones.

3. Applock

Data security is the most precious thing in smartphones.
Applock is the best android app to lock your application's. App lock supports pattern lock. It comes up with pattern and password lock and very easy to setup.

4. Mx player

Mx player is used to play video files, and it supports maximum video formats.Limitation Mx player does not support AC3 format. Mx player plays HD video smoothly. To overcome this problem you may use VLC media player.

Mx player

5. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the symbol of smartphones, and is the most widely used android app nowadays. It's simple a messaging apps. It provide best messaging service online.

6. Hangout

Hangout is a messaging app and an upgraded version of gtalk. Hangout is in built installed with android. You can use it for video call and online chatting.

7. Facebook

Facebook app is widely used social network in smartphones. Facebook distinct the chat facilities from Facebook App and introduce an another messaging app as facebook messenger for chatting.

8. Truecaller

Truecaller is used to identify caller ID of an unknown mobile number. If you are get rid from spam caller then this is the best choice.Best apps but there is a limitation for this app it's not working without Internet connection you must have 3G/Wifi connection to get best results.

9. SuperBeam

Superbeam is used to transfer file from one phone to another using wifi connection with high speed. If your phone does not support wifi direct file transfer than superbeam is the best app for you. By using this app you can send application .You can send files,photos and videos from it.

10. Chrome

You are already aware of the name google chrome as a web browser for your PC, similar application is used in smartphones.You can access web pages from chrome application in your smartphone.


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