Friday, 12 June 2015

The Challenges of Making the Project

The Challenges of making the project:The Challenges of making the project

You must follow some challenging steps to make quality projects.
1. Decide your language: First of all you need to choose any programming language, in which you want to make your projects. You must have a good knowledge of this programming language. You may take help from Internet also.
2. Proper Planning: As usual each work needs proper planning, same here you have to make a plan and follow the steps-
• What are you doing with your project?
• How you code your project?
• What kind of strategy you use to make the project?
3. Requirement Specification: each project follows a project development life cycle named SDLC (Software development life cycle). Requirement specification is also an important step in development process. Make notes about your requirement, and collect all required tools.
4. Budgets Management: Budget is the main part of a project. Each project depends upon money and some projects are stopped in middle due to lack of budget. So proper budgeting is required to complete any project.
5. Finishing/Working/Completion: after completing of planning phase you should start working on the project. After coding, testing and implementation a project gets its completion state. This phase need hard work and consume maximum time.
Your budget is depends upon these phases.

Quality factor of projects:

#Project Quality PlanProject quality plan stops unnecessary work load as unnecessary coding part. Due to this a project developer saves its valuable time. They can use it to meet project deadline.
#Responsibility of ManagementAssign responsibility to hierarchy of employees. Means management plays a significant role. The whole project development process depends upon the management. Management is responsible for each and every task performed by the development team.
#Development Control"Time is money" if they save time indirectly means they earn money. Actually development controls means reduce hectic net of pages which produce overhead in completion of the project. Optimize it with quality factor.
#Quality Audits 
Quality audit is the process of systematic examination of a quality system. Quality audits optimized the process by keeping an eye on each phase. So that all phases has been completed within a time frame.
#Defect Management
It's should be necessary that each defects repaired at its initial phase. If it does not as per guidelines, it means projects development process will affected by this.
So it is clear that quality audit plays a very important role in project development process.


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