Dreams that will bring good luck in your life

Dreams are still an unsolved mystery.Every person dreams, even animals dream. Sometimes dreams are scary, sometimes sweet and beautiful, sometimes adventurous or sometime really strange. You know what, dreams are not just illusion of your mind but they have some meanings. Even scientists believe that our past influences our dreams and sometimes dreams are a symbol of something going to happen in near future.These symbol may be of something good or may be of bad one.
           Here are some dreams which are really lucky for you-

1. A Ring:

In your dream if you see yourself wearing a ring, its a symbol that you will get money in near future.
Wearing ring in dream

2. Construction of Building:

If you see an on going construction of a building or a house, that's also a good symbol for financial benefits and luck.
Building in dream


If parrots were chattering in your dream last night then get ready to spend a good day with friends. Parrot is a symbol of friend. But a dead parrot in dream may bring a bad news related to your friends.
Parrot in dream


Lotus is a beautiful flower and also seeing it in dreams has a beautiful meaning. It means you may have a chance to meet a beautiful girl if you are an unmarried man. Lotus is also a good symbol of Luck,Fortune and Money for girls and boys.
Lotus in dream


Muskmelon is a strange thing to see in dreams but its a symbol of unexpected occasion of celebration. A muskmelon is also represent money and burning muskmelon may be a symbol of loss of money.
Muskmelon in dream


Doom or doomsday in dreams doesn't mean that world is going to end or your life will end soon. But it is considered as warning to bring change in your life, relationships,business or friendship otherwise you may face something which may 
hurt you. 
Doom in dream


Poverty in dreams is considered as a symbol of good luck. It never means that you are going to loose something.
Poverty in dream


Cow in dreams is always a symbol of something good. Specially milking the cow in dreams is surety of good luck.

Cow in dream

9.The Balance:

Seeing a balance in your dreams indicate that you may have a good profit in your business. Balance is a symbol of luck also. Here by balance I never mean some electronic weighing machine etc.
Balance in dream

10.Playing cards:

Playing cards in your dreams is a symbol of hope in your life specially when you won the game in dream. But playing for stakes may be a symbol of difficulties upcoming in your life.
Playing Cards in dream

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