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Precautions Before, During, And After An Earthquake?

"Precaution is better than cure."  keep precautions and stay safe during earthquake.

Precautions Before, During, And After An Earthquake?

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What to Do During an Earthquake?

  • Keep calm! If you're inside, stay inside. If you're outside, stay outside.
  • Crawl under heavy furniture

  • Never Use Elevators!


  • Don't Use Mobile Phones until there is emergency.

Don't Use Mobile Phones until there is emergency.

  • Keep one's distance from windows and outdoors doors.
  • If you are in an exceedingly automobile, stop the automobile and keep within the automobile till the earthquake stops.

What to Do Before an Earthquake?

  • You must have first aid kit, a flashlight, and a radio at home.
  • Don't leave heavy objects on shelves
  • Study the earthquake plan

What to Do After an Earthquake?

  • Be careful around broken glass and rubble
  • Be careful of chimneys & towers (they might fall on you).
  • Aways prepare for aftershocks.

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