Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to hack Facebook Photo Verification

Facebook photo verification trick 2015:Facebook photo verification trick 2015

Facebook has recently updated their security policy. Facebook says that 90% Facebook user are satisfied with photo verification process but I'm not.
15 days ago Facebook blocked my account, and needs to verify my identity by recognizing my Facebook friends' photo, what the hell is this. I have lots of friends on Facebook, and I don't know them.
I really feel very upset and trying to search for Facebook photo verification hack on INTERNET. 

Some Bloggers said it is impossible to crack new Facebook photo verification process. Even I am not getting any software tricks for it.

Some suggested that you need to login with Facebook mobile version from Japan's proxy(Not working for me)

Trick 1:Steps: Download >>Hola better Internet Extension>> Select Japan option >> login to >> it will skip your photo verification but it did not worked for me.

Trick 2:Steps: Go To Your Phone Or PC Proxy Setting For PC Use Google Chrome

Go To Setting:After Setting Click On "Show Advance Setting"
Now Search For "Network And Click On "Change Proxy Setting"
Now Click On "LAN Setting"
Add The Following IP Address And Port No:
Change Proxy From Your Original IP into 
Port : 3128 

Trick 3:Some suggested that you need to give your ID (Government approved) document to Facebook.(I didn't have it ) Contact Facebook.

Trick 4:Bypass facebook photo verification trick:(worked for me)

I got my facebook account after 12 days . Guys you need to put extra efforts, and have extra patience  to recover your account.....
Follow the Steps:
  1. Use any windows browser.
  2. login with your Facebook account after verifying Captcha.
  3. You will get 5 photos + 2 skip option in Facebook.
  4. Now get any screen capture tool(snipping tool by default in windows) and capture those 7 pictures one by one and save with 1,2,3.... [use both skip options].
  5. Repeat the step 4 again [depends on number of friends you have] between 50-100 then you need atleast 20 images.
  6. Cross verify the repeating image and note down the common friend name between photos.
  7. Search on Facebook with these common names if you find real name rename the picture by real friend name.
  8. Once you find all your friends photos you will unlock your Facebook account.

Some steps which helps you to Avoid Photo Verification:

  • Do not tag to stranger person on photo, otherwise he/she report you.
  • Do not send friend request to strangers.
  • Do not send any unwanted message to strangers.
  • Do not post spam link.
  • Try to keep original name on your Facebook account.


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