Friday, 15 May 2015

How to Take a Good Selfie

How to get the best selfie:Here are the best tips for taking selfie.
1. Lighting is a big factor

Just like the other photograph, choosing the correct quite lighting will play a serious role in enhancing your selfie.

2. For best results, take the selfie outdoors near nature 

Nature is the best place for any kind of photography. Choose any natural place for selfies.


3. Best angle to take a selfie

For best results, take the selfie from an angle that’s a little more than your line of vision. everybody contains a smart ’side’ and also the secret is to focus on that.

4. Take multiple selfies from completely different angle and select the one that’s the foremost adulatory.
5. Check your surroundings

No one likes a shabby background. Avoid taking selfies within the rest room ahead of the mirror unless you would like to flaunt your body.

6. Don’t do the pout

Besides the actual fact that not everybody will carry it, pouting has been done to death,however avoid this at common place.

7. Edit or crop the final selfie

You may edit your selfie if necessary. Remove unwanted background from Pic.

8. Say "cheese"

Simile can complete your selfie.


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