Saturday, 30 May 2015

Micromax YU Yuphoria

YU Yuphoria:(YU Yuphoria YU5010)

After Micromax YU Yureka, Yureka company comes with a new smartphone name YU Yuphoria price 6999 Rs. This smartphone available in flash sell on amazon. You need to register first to grab this smartphone.Micromax YU Yuphoria

Key Features:

8MP + 5MP Camera

5inch IPS Display Gorilla® Glass 3
1.2GHz Quad Core Android Lollipop
2230 mAh Battery with quick charge facility with in 45 minutes.
16 GB Internal Memory

**Next Sell on 4 May 2015

Micromax Yu Yuphoria Review:

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Locate your Android Smartphone or Tablet by Android Device Manager

How to Find your Lost or Missing Phone by Simple Google Search:Locate your phone by simple Google Search,Find lost phone form ADM,Find lost Android phone by Google Search

Today we are discussing about how to locate your lost Android Phone/Tablet. Recently Google launched a feature, by which you can simply locate your lost Smartphone. In advance you can not only find location but also you can Setup lock/Ring in your lost phone.
Follow the steps:
1. You need to open login with your Google account if not already login.
2. Type in Google search bar 'find my phone'.
3. It will reflect the location of your lost phone with in few Seconds(Depending on your Internet Speed) as shown in image below:
Locate your Android Smartphone by Android Device Manager4. You can ring your lost Smartphone.
5. By Clicking on Map You will redirected to Android Device Manager. Here you will get 'Set Lock & Erase' function as shown below:
How to Find your Lost Phone by Simple Google Search/ADM
Limitation: If your phone/Tablet have active Internet connection then all the features are working fine.
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Friday, 22 May 2015

Top Pinging Sites

How to promote your blog/Site by pinging?Top Pinging Sites What is Ping?

“Ping” is a web service, used to warn Spider and Crawler Indexer’s of Search Engines, when a new page has been added/updated to your Blog.

Benefits of Pinging New Blog Posts:

"Using the Ping services is a way for you to inform the search engines to index your newly added/updated Blog's post pages into their database."
Ping is a necessary process you must do on each update to your blog/site. So that Search Engines quickly index your new posts Url. As a result of all this your site ranking may increase.Ping is also helpful to your blog Search Engine Optimization. Automatic Pinging sites are used to complete the indexing process quickly and automatically on each url/list of url submission.
Ping Services are easy to use. You need to simply submit Post URL/URLs. To Start pinging click on Ping button(may be different on each site). 
**Please don't refresh Page until Pinging process completed. 
Here are the Top 11 Pinging Sites are as follows. 
Top Five Multiple Posts Pinging Sites:
1. MassPings:
MassPings allows multiple URL's ping at a same time.

2. Back Link Ping:
Back Link Ping is also the best site for Pinging new blog posts.
Mass/multiple posts Pings Sites

3.Ping Bomb: 
Mass Pings Sites
 4. Mypagerank
Mass Pings Sites
 5. Small SEO Tools:
Small SEO Tools provide many seo service for free including "Pinging".
Small Seo tools

6. Ping My URL
7. PingoMatic
8. Pingler
9. Ping
10. AutoPing
Press Ctrl+D to Bookmark This Page to Ping Posts Daily.
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to hack Facebook Photo Verification

Facebook photo verification trick 2015:Facebook photo verification trick 2015

Facebook has recently updated their security policy. Facebook says that 90% Facebook user are satisfied with photo verification process but I'm not.
15 days ago Facebook blocked my account, and needs to verify my identity by recognizing my Facebook friends' photo, what the hell is this. I have lots of friends on Facebook, and I don't know them.
I really feel very upset and trying to search for Facebook photo verification hack on INTERNET. 

Some Bloggers said it is impossible to crack new Facebook photo verification process. Even I am not getting any software tricks for it.

Some suggested that you need to login with Facebook mobile version from Japan's proxy(Not working for me)

Trick 1:Steps: Download >>Hola better Internet Extension>> Select Japan option >> login to >> it will skip your photo verification but it did not worked for me.

Trick 2:Steps: Go To Your Phone Or PC Proxy Setting For PC Use Google Chrome

Go To Setting:After Setting Click On "Show Advance Setting"
Now Search For "Network And Click On "Change Proxy Setting"
Now Click On "LAN Setting"
Add The Following IP Address And Port No:
Change Proxy From Your Original IP into 
Port : 3128 

Trick 3:Some suggested that you need to give your ID (Government approved) document to Facebook.(I didn't have it ) Contact Facebook.

Trick 4:Bypass facebook photo verification trick:(worked for me)

I got my facebook account after 12 days . Guys you need to put extra efforts, and have extra patience  to recover your account.....
Follow the Steps:
  1. Use any windows browser.
  2. login with your Facebook account after verifying Captcha.
  3. You will get 5 photos + 2 skip option in Facebook.
  4. Now get any screen capture tool(snipping tool by default in windows) and capture those 7 pictures one by one and save with 1,2,3.... [use both skip options].
  5. Repeat the step 4 again [depends on number of friends you have] between 50-100 then you need atleast 20 images.
  6. Cross verify the repeating image and note down the common friend name between photos.
  7. Search on Facebook with these common names if you find real name rename the picture by real friend name.
  8. Once you find all your friends photos you will unlock your Facebook account.

Some steps which helps you to Avoid Photo Verification:

  • Do not tag to stranger person on photo, otherwise he/she report you.
  • Do not send friend request to strangers.
  • Do not send any unwanted message to strangers.
  • Do not post spam link.
  • Try to keep original name on your Facebook account.
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Sunday, 17 May 2015

World's Most Expensive Food Items

Everyone enjoy to have some tasty food at restaurants and cafes with our friends, family and of course with our loved ones. Around the globe, various quality food items are available. I am presenting you a list of some most expensive food items available in the world. Not everyone can enjoy these items, because of there limited availability and of course tag of "Most Expensive" is attached with them.

1. Most Expensive Ice Cream: The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond
Image Source:
The Black Diamond is tagged as the most expensive ice cream of the world. It costs $817 USD(Approx 51832.48 INR @63.44 Conversion rate) per scoop. Scoopi Cafe, Dubai provide this pocket buster ice cream. Black diamond contains Madagascar vanilla beans (superior, with flavor and aromatic qualities that make these beans the most popular and sought after vanilla variety), threads of Iranian saffron(the most expensive spice in the world), and black truffle(most expensive and rare mushroom) from Italy. There's also 23-karat edible gold leaves on top.

2. Most Expensive Chocolate: To'ak Chocolate Bar

To'ak Chocolate Bar
Image Source:

To'ak chocolate bar is known as most expensive chocolate in the world. It cost around $260 USD. Only 517 bars were produced of To'ak chocolate bar. Each comes in a hand-made box of Spanish elm that also contains a special tweezers-like device that enables you to taste the chocolate without touching it with fingers and contaminating its pure flavor with oils and other off-notes.  percent is produced from rare fino y de aroma cacao, most of which grows only in Ecuador.

3. Most Expensive Burger: The Glamburger

The Glamburger
Image Source:
A London restaurant has created the world's most expensive burger which contains bits of gold leaf and caviar. The Glamburger is made with venison from New Zealand and Kobe beef, topped with Iranian saffron ($250/oz), white truffle from Italy ($1500/lb) and the most expensive, Beluga caviar from Russia ($3000/lb). It's topped with a 24-karat gold leaf. Overall cost of Glamburger is $1770 USD.

4. Most Expensive Cup Cake: The Goldern Phoenix

The Goldern Phoenix
Image Source:
Behold "The Golden Phoenix." Hailed as the world's most expensive cupcake, the pricey dessert costs a whopping £645 ($1,000) at Dubai's Bloomsbury's Cupcakes. Served on a covered Villari 24-carat gold empire cake stand, the cupcake is adorned with edible gold and chocolate. It was unveiled at the opening of the new Bloomsbury's location in the Dubai Mall. The chocolate cupcake is baked with premium Amedei Porcelana chocolate and premium Ugandan vanilla beans and covered in 23-carat edible gold sheets. The cake is frosted with chocolate icing and dusted with edible gold dust. It's then garnished with chocolate decor that's dusted in more gold dust. Organic chocolate-covered strawberries and a golden spoon complete the dish.
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Saturday, 16 May 2015

How to Secure Your Gadgets from Accidental Damage in India

Today we are discuss about how to secure your Gadgets from accidental damage. Top three companies which provide paid security for your smart-phones/Gadgets.
Plans varies on your Gadgets Price.
How to Secure Your Gadgets from Accidental Damage in India

Syska Gadget Secure:

Gadget Secure is associate economical and price effective way to insure your essential gadgets (mobile phones and smart phones).
The Syska Gadget Secure covers:
a) Fire & Allied Perils
b) Theft & Burglary
c) Physical Damage
d) Water/ Fluid Damage
Please refer to the Gadget Secure policy details for the full terms and conditions.

You will get the following add-on features:
• Quick Heal Anti Virus free for 1 year
• Free downloads of more than 3000 movies and 4 paid android games
• Pick-up & drop of the damaged handset

Covers from   4000 – 10000 (Device Value)
499 Rs
 Covers from   10001 – 15000 (Device Value)
899 Rs
 Covers from   15001 – 25000 (Device Value)
1299 Rs
 Covers from   25001 - 60000 (Device Value)
1999 Rs
Email Id :
Support No: 1800 3002 7090 

Read Policy: click here


Irrespective of the brand of your device, with Onsite Secure extended warranty, you can protect your:
  • Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Cameras
  • Televisions
  • Large Appliances like Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Refrigerators and Air Conditioners
  • Small Appliances like Food Processors, Juicers, Microwave Ovens, Mixers and Grinders, Rice Cookers, Sandwich Makers, Toasters, Irons, Vacuum Cleaners, Geysers and Water Purifiers
Covers from   0 – 10000 (Device Value)
 Covers from   10001 – 15000 (Device Value)
 Covers from   15001 – 25000 (Device Value)
 Covers from   25001 - 30000 (Device Value)
 Covers from   30001 - 40000 (Device Value)
 Covers from   40001 - 50000 (Device Value)
Onsite Secure extended warranty does not cover accidental & liquid damages, malfunctioning accessories, batteries, unauthorized repairs, theft or any other conditions that cause the manufacturer’s warranty to void.


General policy:

  • Payment will be credited within 25-30 working days of getting documents into customer bank account by cheque / bank transfer.
  • Coverage is only within territorial limits of India only.
  • Coverage is only for handset owner, spouse and children’s
  • Coverage is only for handset owner, spouse and children’s
  • Handset use by any third party like (friends / relatives) is not covered.
  • Warranty Asia will not be liable for any kind of consequential loss due to handset theft / misplace
  • Any dispute regarding interpretation of the terms, conditions and exceptions of this protection plan shall be determined in accordance with the law and practice of a court of competent jurisdiction within Delhi only.
    PLAN A

    Cashless Repair Protection Plan – Telecom Shield
    For Delhi Customers Only
    1 year Plan Costing = Rs 8.00% cost of handset
    2 year Plan Costing = Rs 11.00% cost of handset
    * Plan starts from Handset Purchase Date
    PLAN B

    Mobile Application + Accidental Damage + Lost
    For All India Customers
    Buy Early & Pay Less @ Rs 8.50% to 19.50%
    Buy Early – Get Maximum Benefits
    * Plan starts from Handset Purchase Date
Disclaimer: Plan may be changed please check official site for updated info.

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Friday, 15 May 2015

How to Take a Good Selfie

How to get the best selfie:Here are the best tips for taking selfie.
1. Lighting is a big factor

Just like the other photograph, choosing the correct quite lighting will play a serious role in enhancing your selfie.

2. For best results, take the selfie outdoors near nature 

Nature is the best place for any kind of photography. Choose any natural place for selfies.


3. Best angle to take a selfie

For best results, take the selfie from an angle that’s a little more than your line of vision. everybody contains a smart ’side’ and also the secret is to focus on that.

4. Take multiple selfies from completely different angle and select the one that’s the foremost adulatory.
5. Check your surroundings

No one likes a shabby background. Avoid taking selfies within the rest room ahead of the mirror unless you would like to flaunt your body.

6. Don’t do the pout

Besides the actual fact that not everybody will carry it, pouting has been done to death,however avoid this at common place.

7. Edit or crop the final selfie

You may edit your selfie if necessary. Remove unwanted background from Pic.

8. Say "cheese"

Simile can complete your selfie.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Precautions Before, During, And After An Earthquake?

"Precaution is better than cure."  keep precautions and stay safe during earthquake.

Precautions Before, During, And After An Earthquake?

Image Source:

What to Do During an Earthquake?

  • Keep calm! If you're inside, stay inside. If you're outside, stay outside.
  • Crawl under heavy furniture

  • Never Use Elevators!


  • Don't Use Mobile Phones until there is emergency.

Don't Use Mobile Phones until there is emergency.

  • Keep one's distance from windows and outdoors doors.
  • If you are in an exceedingly automobile, stop the automobile and keep within the automobile till the earthquake stops.

What to Do Before an Earthquake?

  • You must have first aid kit, a flashlight, and a radio at home.
  • Don't leave heavy objects on shelves
  • Study the earthquake plan

What to Do After an Earthquake?

  • Be careful around broken glass and rubble
  • Be careful of chimneys & towers (they might fall on you).
  • Aways prepare for aftershocks.

Source:click here

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Nepal Earthquake 
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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Windows 10 Release Date, Price and Specification

We will get the new look for our laptop & desktop soon. Microsoft will release the Windows 10 OS in 2015. This will be the last version of Windows, after it only frequently updates are available for Windows 10. We can see start button again in Windows 10. This time Mircrsoft jumps directly to the Windows 10 from the Windows 8.Windows 10 Release Date, Price and Specification


Windows 10 Release Date:

Hopefully Windows 10 will be released by July 2015. 

Windows 10 Price:

According to the rumors Windows 10 will be free for existing Windows 7/8.1 users.  Windows 10 will be free for Windows 7 & 8.1 users  for the first year.
"Good news for pirated Windows users that the free Windows 10 upgrade will also be available to users of pirated software. "
Microsoft will upgrade all eligible PCs, it may be genuine and non-genuine, to Windows 10."

Windows 10 Specification:

Microsoft Edge:

Finally the windows version comes up with new web browser(Microsoft Edge) except internet explorer. The next-generation browser set to replace Internet Explorer. 

New key board Shortcuts:

Windows 10 will be released with some new keyboard shortcuts:
  • Snapping window: WIN + LEFT or RIGHT (can be used with UP or DOWN to get into quadrants)
  • Switch to recent window: ALT + TAB (unchanged) – Hold shows new Task view window view, let go and switches to app.
  • Task view: WIN+TAB - 
  • Create new virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + D
  • Close current virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + F4
  • Switch virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + LEFT or RIGHT

Microsoft’s forthcoming OS will provide peer-to-peer updates for apps and software updates.
Multitasking is a big feature of Windows 10, with a quadrant layout that allows users to snap up to four apps together and a smart suggestion feature for any dead screen space.

MDM will be built into the new operating system, allowing admins to manage devices, both through traditional methods and via the cloud.

Windows 10 build 9879 screenshots reveal new changes
to the taskbar, File Explorer and more

Animation of Windows 10 have been made smoother, and the Notification Center button has been moved from the taskbar to the tray beside the clock.

Introducing Windows 10 - the best Windows yet

Windows 10 for Phones:

Source:Click here

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Top 5 Best Online Mobile Recharge Portals in India

Top 5 Best Online Mobile Recharge Websites:


If you are feeling bored to go to recharge shop for Mobile,DTH,Data Card recharges. No problem we are discussing here top 5 best online mobile recharge portals, which are highly secured. Use any of them. Some time they gives attaractive Mobile Recharge Cash Back Offers as well. Cashback Amount credited to your online wallet, and may be used later for another recharges.
  • A internet connection.
  • Debit/Credit Card/Internet Banking for online payment.
  • Email ID and Mobile Number for registration.

1. FreeCharge: is best website for mobile recharge. It is highly focused and best online recharge site.
Service offered:Mobile Recharge/DTH Recharge/DATA Card Recharge

How to use FreeCharge:

Step 1: Goto on Download freecharge mobile app from play store and simply follow signup procedure.
Step 2. Login to your account.
Step 3. Enter Mobile Number to recharge.

Step 4.Pick your SIM type.

Step 5. Choose your service Provider

Step 6. Enter Amount to Recharge

Step 7. Enter your promocodes.

Step 8. Do payment with Secure server.

What to do if your Recharge Failed:
Send email to


PayTM( is also highly secured site. It is also a shopping site in parallel. PayTM provides cashback offers for New users.
Sevices offered: Mobile / DTH / DataCard / Landline / Electricity / Gas / Add money to Paytm Wallet / Send Money to friends/Online Shopping. 

You can also check full talktime offer as well. It's interface is very easy to use.



MobiKwik are a online recharge site based out of India’s capital – New Delhi. Most trusted brand ever.
Service offered:Mobile Recharge/DTH Recharge/DATA Card Recharge/Online Shopping

4.Just Recharge It:
They are very trusted platform for online recharges.

Just Recharge It
 Service offered:Mobile Recharge/DTH Recharge/DATA Card Recharge/Online Bus Tickets

5. Recharge It Now:

Recharge It Now are a company who have tied up with Indiatimes Shopping to provide mobile recharges online. Rechargeitnow is based out of Gurgaon.

Recharge It Now

Hope this really helpful for you.
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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Latest Updates on Salman Khan's Hit & Run Case 2002 Verdict

Salman Khan Held Guilty In 2002 Hit & Run Case, Sentenced To Five Years In Jail

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

 Lets Take A Look At Various Activities Happened Today 6 May 2015:
It was never expected!!

Salman Khan won't go to jail, Bombay HC suspends his sentence (Source - (8th may 12:45pm))

  16:50 pm: excellent news for fans....Salman got bail for two days from city tribunal.

Court Proceding is as follows:
13:38 pm: "He has been charged against section 304 half II of blameful kill not amounting to murder. The court refuse the defence arguments of the Salman Khan's driving the automotive," 
13:36 pm: Defence seeks a duplicate copy of the order to take stay on the judgement.
13:35 pm: Salman Khan meets his relations. He will solely meet the relations and friends.
13:30 pm: Salman Khan are taken to the Arthur road jail with in security.
13:25 pm: Salman Khan command sentenced to 5 years in jail for rash and negligent driving. He are taken into custody in real time and sent to jail.
13:20 pm: A power cut off in court. 
13:19 pm: Prosecution files a violation application against Salman Khan's car driver for giving false statement.
12:44 pm: Salman khan seen standing with his sisters.
12:27 pm Prosecution starts arguments.
12:23 pm "Since Salman Khan has been found guilty in the case"
12:19 pm: Salman Khan has done plenty of social welfare work
12:16 pm Defence lawyer finished the arguments. Public Procecutor begins the arguments.
12:16 pm Salman's lawyers say on his behalf,"Please enhance the fine however don't send me to jail" 
12:15 pm I actually have suffered the trial as normal subject and should be sentenced as ordinary subject
12:14 pm Defence argues in court that he can not be penalised solely as a result of he's associate degree actor. "Salman not doing humanity below compelling court order, he has been doing it since 2007 and this could be taken under consideration throughout the sentencing," Salman's lawyers say.
12:12 am: Salman's lawyers submit a record of film star's financial aid organisation Being Human.
12:09 am: forty two large integer has been disbursed by Being Human, says Defence in court. Salman's lawyers conjointly tell court court that the actor will plenty of welfare work. "Being Human was got wind of in 2007. it's operating in education and care, medicine care sector. It works within the space of preventable vision defect," the lawyers say.
12:08 am: "I am a founder trustee of Being Human and have done plenty of welfare work," says Salman Khan's lawyers in court.
12:08 am: prosecuting attorney seeks a most sentence of ten years for Salman Khan
12:06 am: Police has currently shut the doors of room fifty two when spat with media, a vicinity of the media stranded outside the room
11:55 am: Salman Khan's mother unwell when hearing the decision.
11:54 am: Commotion within the court when some individuals prevented by the police from getting into the court.
11:49 am: Defence says that it's able to pay no matter compensation the court deems match.
11:45 am: Salman Khan's sisters Alvira Khan Agnihotri and Arpita Khan Sharma ar in tears within the room.
11:42 am: Defence argues in court that Supreme Court has not given over three years sentence in road accident cases within the past.
11:42 am: Salman listens to finding with tears in his eyes.
11:40 am: The choose same same that it's not probable that Salman's driver Ashok Singh was driving the automotive. "All charges against you're verified. Court has come back to conclusion that you simply were driving the car below the influence of alcohol," he said.
11:38 am: Arguments still on however Sohail has left court.
11:30 am: Court asks Salman what he must say. The actor denies charges and claims that he wasn't driving the automotive.
11:28 am: If the sentence is a smaller amount than 3 years, he's seemingly to urge bail in real time otherwise he can ought to charm within the city tribunal which works on vacation from weekday.
11:20 am: Defence is contention on the sentencing that is probably going to require place nowadays.
11:16 am: Salman appearance impassive, holds sides of witness stand and appears around to family for support.
11:15 am: choose observes that Salman was driving below the influence of alcohol.
11:14 am: Mumbai Sessions Court holds Salman Khan guilty of all charges within the 2002 hit-and-run case.
11:10 am: Judge observes that it's 'not probable' that Ashok Singh was driving the vehicle. Judge asked to Salman what he must say.
11:08 am: The Judge enters the room, Salman enters witness stand. finding soon!
10:50 am: The Judge is nevertheless to arrive within the room. Salman's entire family except his folks in court.
10:40 am: Salman Khan is standing outside the room sporting a white shirt. His sisters Alvira and Arpita are within the court.
10:35 am: Salman Khan arrives in court.
10:18 am: along side Sohail, Atul Agnihotri, cake Siddique, manager Reshma Shetty are in court.
10:16 am: Salman's brother Sohail Khan has reached the sessions court.
10:11 am: Support has been running sure the actor from the screenland.
10:10 am: Elaborate security arrangements are created at the court earlier than the decision.
9:45 am: Salman Khan leaves his residence in Mumbai. he's seemingly to satisfy his professional before reaching the sessions court for the decision.

A strong constabulary of policemen has been deployed at the Mumbai sessions court that is ready to deliver its finding within the 2002 hit-and-run case involving film industry actor Salman Khan.

Text Source:

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