T-Shirts Buying Guide: How to buy a T-shirt for Yourself ?

T-shirts are all time favorite and most preferable cloth for everyone. It is basically made from fine quality of fabric that will keep you comfortable and relax throughout the day. It also comes with various picture, pattern, shape, or style. If you want to casually dress up, then t-shirt with jeans is ideal choice for you. It will definitely deliver you a classy look with elegance.

But, following are some specific guidelines that should be follow when you will buy t-shirt for yourself :

(1) Select the Perfect Size :
You have to buy or choose a perfect size t-shirt as per your body shape. Before choosing the type of T-shirt to purchase, first of all it is very important to know how to choose the correct size. There is a difference between wearing a T-shirt that appears like a tent and wearing one that appears too small. To get rid of this problem, you have to buy a perfect size t-shirt for you. Another way to decide if a shirt is properly sized is to grab the shoulders of the shirt and lift up. If the t-shirt goes upwards then it is too big in size. The holes or sleeves should be snug around your arms. This method will not work on the t-shirt which is made from a stretchy material.

(2) Fitting of the t-shirt:

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T-shirts come in various fitting like form-fitting or loose-fitting. The selection of fitting totally depends on your personal preference. When anyone wants to select form-fitting shirt, he/she get rid of moving around the t-shirt too much. Looser fitting t-shirt are the common choice for everyday wear.

(3) Fabrics and Materials :

T-shirts are made with 100% cotton blends, cotton, polyester mesh or polyester. Each one has its own merits and demerits. Pure cotton material is soft, comfortable, light weight to wear. It also soaks up moisture, but it wrinkles and shrinks easily. Polyester is light in weight, soft, comfortable and breathable. It does not shrink or wrinkle, but it has a shiny look and is worn basically for sporting purposes. Cotton blends, such as spandex and cotton, keep the good qualities of cotton when protecting from shrinkage and decreasing wrinkling.

(4) Neck Style:
V neck T shirts
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Crew or v-neck both are classic necklines. Neckline of the t-shirts also enhance your facial look. It is always suggested that you match your collars while layering, so if you are dressed up with a crew neck jumper, the t-shirt should match the same shape. V-necks naturally extend the neck, which make them perfect for shorter height person looking to create the illusion of length, or larger height person who wants a slimming effect. They also deliver balance to wider types face. On the other hand, if you have sloped shoulders or small chest, a crew neck will probably match you best. Crew necks draw the attention and make the illusion of squarer shoulders, aiding you look better proportioned. In addition, this more substantial neckline gives balance to those person with narrow face shapes and longer necks.
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