Make a computer monitor from television

Make a computer monitor from television:
Make a computer monitor from television/tv

There are many occasions when you feel your computer's screen is small, especially when watching a movie or a song or a dashing playing computer games. Sometimes it is also sitting on a chair in front of the computer table does not feel like work. In winter it can not you sit astride of fun working on the computer Keep your quilt? Similarly, as used in childhood homework? If any drawing or bedroom engaged in your computer or laptop with a 32 inch television set, then perhaps it should be added. But it will require the greatest technical information! For ordinary people like you and do what is possible to do so?

Yes, it is possible with little effort. If you have ever looked at your television set, then there are many kinds of rear and side port (hole, sockets, etc.) appear to receive audio-video signal (input) and send out signal (output) are used for . With the help of these television CD-DVD player or set-top box to receive the signal displays on the screen. Through these up at the theater system sends the output to the home, the better quality you can hear the sound on the speaker. Use these ports to your computer desk, laptop or tablet can be used to add.

Step 1. To interconnect computers and television

Composite video cable without USE Switch on the computer and the TV via the cable will connect with each other. Hole three months old television sets, most of the Composite cable is provided. Look at the back or side of your TV set. The red, black and yellow will show three holes. The Composite cable ports on both sides in which the three colors that are incurred cable consists of three connectors. Common computers and laptop graphics cards are also available, such as three ports. Similar be seen in port on your CD-DVD player. If your TV and computer are both present in the Composite cable to the hole, take them connected via cable. Keep in mind that both the TV and the computer to connect the color of the hole connector (cable portion of the pin) should get the color. The three yellow pin cable is used for video signals, audio signals, while the other two pins.

Via S-Video cable connection: S-Video port, you will see in most laptops and desktop computers. The round shape of this small port visual signal via television or computer screen can be sent to any other, provided that there exists a connecting socket. In the S-Video port to send the audio signal system and to listen to audio on television must use a separate audio cable. The two holes can be used with a headphone jack. One hole for the microphone cable and the second is for headphone cable.

The first S-Video port of your laptop-computer, insert one end and the other end of the connecting cable television Connect S-Video port. Now the headphone cable into the headphone jack and the other end of the port Find the second connecting cable television audio port, add it. Keep in mind that somewhere you do not accidentally connect the cable from the computer's microphone are ports. Both the headphone and microphone ports are made picture is not so difficult to recognize them. If you do not have S-Video and audio cables from the market according to your need to purchase longer cables.

Connection via the VGA cable into nearly all desktop and laptop computers VGA port is present. It is a rectangular port, in three rows of five pins are made of fine holes. The blue cable from your computer monitor connects to the CPU, it is connected to the same port. The port is similar to your television, you just have to do it via a VGA cable to the VGA port connected to the computer and television. For this, you may have to buy the VGA cable.

Like S-Video VGA port is also just the ability to send visual signals. He could not send the audio signal. To listen to the audio on television the same way that you would have to use the headphone cable as described in the case of the S-Video port. VGA port is not present in the TV converter box can be taken from the market, which converts the VGA signal to the S-Video signal.

Connection via HDMI cable to plug the flash drive is equipped with a wide-looking high Definition new kind of video signal cable is able to send the best quality. Most variety in your TV and computer cable port to the HDMI cable to connect them to select the best result is the easiest to connect.

Most new LED and LCD television sets and modern laptops have HDMI cable into the port. Some desktop computers, the HDMI port on the graphics card, although they are not very common. The HDMI port on your TV and computer are both very easy to interconnect them. If you just need an HDMI cable, the best way to send the digital signal is considered. Video and audio via a single cable signal can be sent to both.

If your television's HDMI port, the DVI-D port does not exist. DVI-D to HDMI converter cable that you will need. If you have the correct cable to the computer via the television added correctly defined as the work is done big mess. Now, with less mess and save the job under which the television and computer / laptop is in the input-output related to the settings. It is very easy to do and after two or three times in this difficult process will take two to three minutes.

Step 2. Setting required in television
Now you have your TV on the Video Mode to setting so that it can receive the signal from the computer. Both the computer and connect with each other on television it. Now the television remote control in hand with the Search button in the TV receives the signal is used to select. Usually this button is made to monitor and Source is written mark. This is the button you press to receive the signal from cable TV or set-top box to the setting.

Take two or three times by pressing the button. Different options will appear on the television screen. Like PC, HDMI, DVI, Mono, Videov, Videow etc. Here you have to choose PC alternatives.

Step 3. Computer / Laptop required settings
Most desktop computers do not have to do anything more. However, most laptops have a function (Fn) video output source with the F5 button on the settings can be changed. In some laptops instead of F5 button a second special button (F3, F4, F8, F9, etc.) for this work can be found in the information laptop manual. With Fn button repeatedly pressing the special button will appear on the display different options, such as the laptop display, display and dual display only on television. These options allow you to select only the visuals appear on the television screen or on television with the laptop's screen (dual display). These options allow you to select only the visuals appear on the television screen or on television with the laptop's screen (dual display).

Why is required to become monitor a TV :
1. Easy to work, sitting on the bed. If the wireless keyboard and mouse, the computer will remain in place and you will be sitting on his bed with just the keyboard and mouse. In winter or summer more convenient.
2. sites like YouTube to watch videos and songs etc.
3. Internet sites via streaming films shown on the big screen to enjoy, do not download.
4. Computer Games and Flash animation to enjoy.
5. Skype, Google video chat or video chat applications when using the other, through the large size of the video, the feeling to come face to face conversation.
6. weak eye easier for people to work on laptops and desktops.
7. When a presentation projector option. A video film, advertising, etc., when showing.
8. The video-audio files in a particular format, CD-DVD player to see who say that, just the computer Instal can run in a particular software, such as medical cases.

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