Magic of V-Lookup

Magic of V-lookup:Magic of V-Lookup

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  • How to use vlookup

  • Working of Vlookup?

  • Introduction to vlookup?

As the name implies, V-Lookup, stands for Vertical Lookup, which is used to find specific information column wise vertically that has been stored in excel sheet.

Let’s study the Formula/Syntax of V-lookup function. It consists of four parts.

Lookup_value - This is the index which we have to search in the table.

Table_array, col_index_num - This is table array in which we search the look up value . This argument is a named range or a reference to a range of cells. Here, in above our table range is cell H2 to J7.

Col_index_num- Enter the column number of the table_array from which you want data returned from means which data you want to print as result. In above example, column index is 2 since value of name is 2nd position.

  A logical value (TRUE 1 or FALSE 0 only) that indicates whether you want VLOOKUP to find an exact or an approximate match to the lookup_value.

    If TRUE(1) or if this argument is omitted, VLOOKUP will use an approximate match if it cannot find an exact match to the lookup_value. If an exact match is not found, VLOOKUP uses the next largest lookup_value.
    If FALSE(0), VLOOKUP will only use an exact match to the lookup_value. If there are two or more values in the first column of table_array that match the lookup_value, the first value found is used. If an exact match is not found, an #N/A error is returned.
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