Saturday, 19 July 2014

Home treatment for Mouth Blister

Home treatment for Mouth Blister:

Home treatment for Mouth Blister

Mouth blister is very common thing which happens due to heat of stomach.
Eating or drinking and swallowing becomes more difficult with it. The main cause of mouth blister is our eating habit and bad digestion system.Use of milk ,curd and cheese must prefer to avoid pain caused by it.


1. Use pure butter(possible home made) at your mouth before sleeping. It really helps to cure your mouth blister.
2. Drink water as you can because water treated  
3. Take honey and make a paste of it and use it on mouth blister. It reduce your pain.
4. Avoid heavy food take liquid food and fruit as much as you can.
5. Mix backing soda with water make a paste and use it on mouth ulcers.

Hope it will help you first two are applied by me...

If you have more cure paste it in comment section.


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