Sunday, 13 July 2014

Impact of Social Media Technology

Impact of Social Media Technology:

Impact of Social Media Technology

Introduction to Social Networking:

We all are aware about the term "Social Networking". It has brought great and rapid change in our day today life and brought innovative variations. Lots of functionality are available in these sites like email and instant messaging features and also video calling. These resources make our live much easier and we can communicate easily with our relatives and friends in a matter of seconds. Prior, becoming habitual, it is very essential that we investigate both the advantages and disadvantage about such sites.
Advantages of Social media in our life:

Certainly, most of the social networking sites are very beneficial especially to working professionals and
students. We can express our feelings or thoughts by means of messages, comments or updating status.

We just need a device and internet connectivity and these sites are accessible across the globe. We can easily communicate with our near and dear one from any place. Like, a student can easily ask or clear doubts with the help of classmates or with teachers. We can also create groups like individuals belonging to various professions like students, doctors, lawyers, students, poets, writers, social workers etc. It is also form online entertainment and we can play various newly launched games. Moreover, these sites recently emerged as best form online digital marketing where we can promote our business in front of thousands of audiences by simply creating our a page of the product or the site which we want to promote. Most of the marketing firms use social media platform for advertising purpose.
Disadvantages of Social media on us:

The sites are only helpful if it is used wisely. We should always avoid ourselves in revealing our personal information, pictures etc. to strangers. Unless, we have full trust with them, any individual's private information can easily be misused. Now let's discuss about the disadvantage of social media, one of the most prominent drawback is people become addicted to it especially younger generation and kids. It brings negative impact to their school and college life and degrades performance. We should never become addicted to anything and use such stuffs sensibly.

Guys, keep enjoying and make new friends and share your thoughts/suggestions via social networking but remember never become addicted to it and try to use it sensibly!


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