Saturday, 14 June 2014

Amazing facts about Cucumber

Amazing facts about Cucumber

Its summer seasons are we are facing too hot.
Uses For Cucumbers -

Cucumbers are rich in minerals, especially potassium, which is great for detoxification, since it eliminates toxins, but you can also use it for many other purposes in summer seasons.
1. Aids in digestion -

Everyone has busy life, This daily busy life destroy our eating habit results mis-digestion.

Special in summer seasons it happens. Water is life in this scenario use cucumber to improve

 your digestion system.

2. Daily vitamins - 

Human body require daily vitamins and cucumber is source of vitamins. Use it to get an vitamins from it.

3. Skin and hair care - 

Cucumber is widely used for skin care. You have also seen that beauty parlor use Cucumber 

frequently for dead cell removal and for brightness to our face. Cucumber is also useful for 

our hairs.
4. Fight cancers - 

Cucumber take away toxins from body to stay it healthy and match. exploitation cucumber cell  fights 

from cancer.

5. Hangover cure -

Many people face hangover and headache at morning . Eating Cucumber before sleeping 

remove hangover problem.

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