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Cell:Area where pointer points is called cell.

Copy: To copy particular cell . Cut: To cut particular cell. Paste:To paste particular cell.
Format Painter: It is used to copy format of cell/cells and apply it to area of interests.
Font Selector: Select font from drop down.Size Selector:Select size of font.
Font Size Increase/Decrease: Click to increase/decrease the font.
Bold,Italic,Under Line. Border Selector: Select border according to your choice.Cell Color: Change cell color,Font Color: Change font color.
Alignment:To change alignment.
Orientation:Horizontal, Vertical.
Increase/Decrease Intends:Increase intends between border.

This portion is for currency format choose currency format accordingly. 
Conditional formatting: This is used to change formatting according to certain condition.
Format as table: To format the data in to table select any temple from here.

Insert: Insert Cell,Row,Column.
Delete:Delete Cell,Row,Column.
Auto Sum:Formula to sum cell.
Fill:To fill cell.
Clear: To clear format ,content,comment hyperlink
Sort & Filter:Sort the data accordingly.
Find & Search:To find particular value.
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