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Computer Technology

Computer Technology:

Computer Technology
Computer Technology
We are breathing in an era of technology. One of the best examples of technology in our day today life is computers. We can't imagine our life without computers, from home to schools/colleges, workplace, railway reservation counters, pathological labs etc. The innovation of computer system has completely reduced our workload.
Computer is primarily a combination of hardware and software. All the physical components of the computer can be referred to hardware. Software's are the instructions given to hardware to perform any particular task. The first general purpose computing device was invented by Charles Babbage. He is also known as "father of computer". Computer understands only 0 and 1. These digits are also known as binary number. Binary numbers is used to represent words, music, images and more so that machines can communicate across the Internet with help of digits of 0's and 1's.

Computer led to the expansion of internet.The use of internet has made world a small place. We can easily communicate with our friends and relatives in a matter of seconds via chats, phone calls. Also, we can even see them live face to face via video calling. We could not have even imagined such stuffs in old decades.
Internet has also widened business opportunities. We can electronically sell and buy products online and we have tons of such eCommerce sites available across the globe. Today, most of the people do not visit stores to buy clothes and other necessary stuffs. They simply order their desired product online which gets delivered in quick time frame. Some of the advantage of online shopping is that we have access to wide range of products. Secondly the service is mostly available 24/7. It also helps us to prevent frauds. Most of the electronic payments are easier to monitor than the payments that are made by cheque.
Internet and computer technology also led to advancement of various social networking sites. We can connect with various people across the globe with the help of a social networking site with similar interest and goals. It also allows an individual to share their day to day life in a secure but in public forum which friends and family can watch and experience. Many popular social networking sites, allow users to submit or share events, images and thoughts in real time during the course of any day. For experts and students it is means to connect with like-minded people. Students find scholars to share research or ideas.


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