Friday, 23 May 2014

Five Thing To Reduce Fat

Five tips to control fat.

1. Avoid Snacks:

First of thing is that you have to control your diet should avoid taking snacks in the day.
 The solution - brush your teeth! Brushing after each and every meal signals to your body that meal time is over, and you're less open to eating when your mouth is clean and fresh.

2. Drink Water:

Water is very important to human body. It reduce to gain extra calories in the the form soft drinks, coffee and tea. It exhaust extra toxins from body

3. Avoid evening food:

When we take food in morning and afternoon we have time to use these calorie in our daily routine work.
but this not happened for night food. So night food calories stored as fat.

4. Avoid too much food:

Eating habit must be controlled to get ride of extra calories. Our body is made to consume more food in nature to save energy but we have to take only food that is necessary to our health.

5. Take long walk: 

Many people take hard exercise to reduce fat but  you burn your calories by using simple walk daily.
Walk around the office, take the stairs. If you really want to lose weight, start walking every single day for extended periods. Take 30 to 45 minute trips to lose fat.

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