Friday, 25 April 2014

Five Things That Make A Man Happy

Five Things That Make A Man Happy

Five Things That Make A Man Happy:

1. Honesty & trust:

Everyone knows "Honesty is the best policy" but forget to apply it in life. By honesty we can get the faith of others and results true happiness. 

2. Respect:

Man is always hungry to respect. If you want to be happy give respect to others it keeps you high in eye of others. You get good feeling and high satisfaction from inside by doing this.

3. Sense of humour:

It makes human being different from others each have different sense of humour. No you ask how it help to be happy. If you have good sense of humour your perception increases and more ways opened to you.

4. Intelligence & confidence:

Always be confident because it keeps you ready all the time to capture happiness from small small things. 

5. Art of scarifies:

Everyone know Man feel better to help others Art of scarifies gives true happiness.
Every man have some ambitions but all are not completed. So man must have giving nature to be happy in life.

Posted By:Tanuj Kumar 

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